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Jan 28, 2009 06:39 PM

New to Gaslamp Area need place for Valentines

Hello my fellow foodies!

I am new to this board (first post) but my girlfriend constantly raves about it so I though I would try it out. I just recently moved to the area (temporarily) for business and have not had a chance to get out much. I am staying downtown around 6th and K and was looking for some good places to take my girlfriend who will be visiting for Valentines day weekend.

She does not eat Beef or Pork, or Duck for that matter but fish and chicken are fair game. She loves anything with squash and italian and french seem to be some of her favorite fares. I was looking for some place on the romantic side but mostly with great food and if they have a tasting menu or wine paring all the better. So if anybody has any suggestions please let me know. Would love it if I could walk I do have a car here but rather not have to deal with parking.

Thanks and happy to come aboard


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  1. I was there last week for a conference. Visited Cafe' Chloe three nights straight. I would not hesitate to take her there, great French Bistro food and wine.

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    1. re: duck833

      Thanks I will definitely check that out. Any idea of a place that might do a tasting menu?

      1. re: ms2sell

        Cafe Chloe has a tasting menu for Valentines (and it is also the only day they take reservation, normally it is first come, first serve)

        1. re: honkman

          Great I will give them a call to see what they are serving.


    2. It's not specifically French or Italian, but Oceanaire has good fresh seafood.

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        That's funny I just went there the other night (first restaurant I tried downtown) and I loved it. Had some spicy mahi mahi that was great!

      2. Welcome Marvin!

        Maybe Bertrand's at Mister A's which is in Bankers Oceanaire too..
        Enjoy Cafe Chloe but I wish they would get better chairs..they are so darn uncomfortable.
        Also, Grant Grill at the US Grant Hotel and JSix at the Hotel Solamar are lovely too..
        Have a great Valentine's and report back.