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Jan 28, 2009 06:23 PM

where to go for lunch in las vegas???

visiting this weekend with 8 guys for superbowl party sunday. where should we go for lunch. Have been to Noodles, Monami Gabi Valentinos last year. Money doesn't matter. wouldn't mind a decent wine list as well. thanks....

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  1. Do some research and pick some place that you would like to go for dinner.
    Then go there for lunch.
    One suggestion would be head to In 'n Out. Their wine list is thin, though.

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    1. re: chowmix

      LOL. The brown wine was served cold, with a rather thick texture and notes of chocolate.

      If budget is not an issue, a ride out to Rosemary's for lunch is worth consideration. Excellent wine list, and their prix fixe is arguably the best fine dining lunch deal in town.

    2. The Country Club at Wynn would suit your group well. The food is excellent at lunch and the wine list is substantially better than "decent". One feels like they have temporarily left Vegas and stepped into a serene environment next to a beautiful golf course. They have an incredible corn chowder appetizer that was so good we got the recipe from the chef and now make it regularly at home. I have not yet gone wrong with any of their entrees in four visits now. Have fun!

      1. how about mesa grill - get a decent burger some high margarita's, then some vino - if you get the right table, you can see the sportsbook.

        but just so i understand - are you talking about lunch on super bowl sunday ? or is this a saturday lunch ? prefer to stay on the Strip ?

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        1. re: kjs

          this spot was needed for lunch Saturday. We picked the Country Club' Great to sit in the sun for lunch. Sunny light breeze(perfect) We had the soup thanks for the heads up. It was excellent Also loved the Caesar salad and had very decent burger and fries. Gave the feel of off the strip. Although not as off the strip as our drive to the Valley of Fire.

          1. re: kevin25

            Glad you enjoyed it!

            It's really a great find for lunch. Unfortunately, Wynn plans to turn the golf course into a convention center. I suspect this decision will detract from the appeal of the Country Club assuming it stays around.

            1. re: climberdoc

              boy that is too bad, I have friends going out to Vegas soon. I'll tell them to have lunch there while they can. thanks again

              1. re: kevin25

                Your friends do not have to worry - almost all long-term plans at Wynn/Encore are back in the drawer. We saw some of their shuffling happen at the Encore restaurants, with several concepts being scaled back within the last two months before opening. Now this week the company has announced pay cuts of 10 percent across the board for employees making $150K or less, and 15% for those making above that (they have also shortened most employees to 32-hour work weeks). While that definitely hits the workers where it counts, at least they have been able to avoid layoffs for now, something that has not happened with some of the other major players on the Strip.

                Unfortunately, we are going to see issues like this impact higher-end Strip dining in a major way in 2009. New Year's Eve and the Super Bowl are annually the two biggest events of the year, and now that the reports are in from both a lot of the restaurant people that we talk too are extremely concerned. There are some positives for the consumer ahead; a couple of major Strip restaurants have cut prices across the board on both Food and Wine, and for locals we are seeing some special promotions, like Buy 1 get 1 Free entrees at places like NobHill, Sea Blue and Pearl at the MGM Grand. But we fear that ultimately there will be some threads on this board about Las Vegas closings in the year ahead.

                1. re: QAW

                  Buy one, get one free at NobHill, Seablue and Pearl? Is that a current promotion? I have not yet seen it advertised anywhere.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    MGM sent out the offers late this week to Nevada residents on their mailing lists, and I believe they put it on the web yesterday. It is good through the end of March. It does not specify that both members of a party must have a Nevada ID, but that may be the case. Diego is also on the list.

                  2. re: QAW

                    Which major Strip restaurants have cut prices across the board?

                    Meeting friends from Scottsdale there the week after next. Planning an MGM bar dine-around on 2/16 and LOS on 2/17. Considered the Craftsteak winter special but feeling the dine-around a bit more. Will report on how busy the MGM restaurants are on the 16th. Plan to hit Seablue for salads, Craftsteak for something like Kobe tartare and hen of the woods mushrooms, maybe Fiamma for that great pasta with the truffle butter and La Quercia prosciutto. Will depend on how hungry we are. And needless to say, very excited about LOS, our friends have never been.

                    I just got my $59.99 rate at the MGM for those two nights reduced to $49.99. And today I got an offer from Palazzo/Venetian from now through April 30th for $79 plus $50 match play or slot card credit. Called to book Palazzo April 21 thru 24 and the deal wasn't available but I got $79 at Venetian. I suppose if I was a high roller I wouldn't be so excited about these rates, but I don't get my rooms comped.

                    1. re: Debbie W

                      The Mario Batali properties have started cutting back here, particularly at Carnevino, although at that location it is not necessarily easy to notice (the "Florentine Portherhouse for Two" is now at $70 "per person", but hey, it used to be a flat $165). We had the chance to have a extensive conversation with the sommelier about the year ahead, and they have some delicate planning in front of them. In order to open three Las Vegas properties in a couple of years they had to put together a pretty extensive wine cellar, and that is an awkward commodity right now. The concern, a logical one, is that those that enjoy great food will still find a way to the table even in a down economic cycle, but will be a bit less extravagant when viewing the wine list. Unfortunately, even at the reduced prices that we saw, the Batali/Bastianich cellar is short on bargains.

                      There are two others that we are aware of that are in the process of rolling back prices but it would not be fair to comment until the new menus are posted - they wanted to get through Super Bowl weekend, and for one Chinese New Year, and then do a full evaluation before they decide on the next step(s).

                      1. re: QAW

                        Thanks. If you do feel it's appropriate to post on the others, I'm sure folks would appreciate it. As to Batali, the prices at Carnevino were so outrageous as to stop us from ever trying it out, and we probably would have when they first opened. We've been to B&B and Enoteca and like them both aside from the well-documented oversalting issues at B&B. We're not really wine drinkers, other than the occasional glass. But I don't feel that badly for Batali/Bastianich...couldn't they offload some of the more expensive wine inventory onto Babbo or Del Posto?

                        1. re: Debbie W

                          Interestingly, as another reflection of where things may be heading, the New York Times noted this week that the Del Posto has dropped their 20-course tasting menu from $250 to $175, and the 9-course from $175 to $125. The question is whether they are reacting to the current environment, or being pro-active in terms of what they see ahead.