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Jan 28, 2009 06:20 PM

Green Street, taco Wed? I had no idea!

Guess when we go it is usually Monday ( no reason) Got there tonite and sat at bar. Taco Wednesday with 5-6 choices on taco menu at about 4 bucks a piece. We had no idea. We cobbled together a dinner of 2 carnitas, 2 duck , added another duck and a spicy chicken. Added an order of lobster fritters and we were in heaven . A couple of cocktails and a sub $40 bottle of red and we had an amazing meal. I love that place

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  1. I agree -- taco night is awesome! My faves are the duck and the fish. ;)

    1. Like I needed any more excuses to go here. Excellent tip, thanks!

      1. Sounds promising in my search for the holy grail - a good fish taco. Thanks.

        1. Big fan of taco night here! Very tasty and go surprisingly well with any sort of potent potable you may want.

          1. As always Green Street delivered. Pretty good tacos (although two of the excellent tortillas per taco is unnecessary... one is perfect). The standout taco of the 5 was the steak, with a wonderful picant sauce. The others were good but not stunningly so. As always the offal plate was the winner for bar dining (today was calf brain terrine).

            I'm kicking myself now for not trying more of the Mexican themed cocktails on offer - the thought of a Green Street Margarita is intriguing, but I was stuck on the $3 Bohemias.

            The absolute highlight of the Wed Mexican night was the Tres Leche Cake, which just became the new number one dessert in Cambridge. Thank god the owner married a Mexican!

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              How was the crowding? I already have a standing Weds engagement involving booze, and while I'd love to stop by en route, it wouldn't be worth it if the bar was packed.

              1. re: jgg13

                First time we went ( 2 weeks ag0) at 730 bar was half full and we got 2 seats but filled quickly. Last Wed at same time bar full but we got two top in bar and agree that beef is outstanding followed imho by duck...we did have margaritas with tacos and was quite divine combo

                1. re: capeanne

                  Thanks. I'd probably be looking at 7-7:30 time frame, so sounds like it'd work out well.

                  1. re: jgg13

                    Was packed at 7.30 last night. I ate my tacos standing after an argument with the lady who had apparently been reserving the bar stool I'd been sitting on for 15 minutes, for her friend who didn't turn up for hours.

                    1. re: teaTomE

                      I HATE that! "I'll move when your friend shows up."

                      Taco night is the hubs favorite! We'll have to hit it up next week.