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Jan 28, 2009 06:19 PM

Looking for a new Indian restaurant, South Bay

I'm in the mood for Indian food (northern), preferably not Pakistani, because I want a beer option. I don't want to travel to Amber in Mountain View and don't much care for the one in Santana Row. So what I'd like is a comfortable, casual, modestly priced kind of place in the South Bay. There are a lot of places on El Camino, but the one time I just dropped in on one it was dreadful (I can't remember the name, I think I blocked it out). Any recommendations?

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  1. The only restaurant that seems to get good reviews other than Amber & Pakistani places is Turmeric in Sunnyvale. It appears from their website, they have a buffet option as well as a la carte during weekend dinner. BTW, I just found out this past weekend from a friend that Shan is BYOB but I'd call first to confirm. In fact, I wonder about other Pakistani places.

    1. I am not an expert, but I followed the big crowds of Indians into Athidhi in Sunnyvale. I've enjoyed both the lunch buffet and a dine-in dinner meal. Don't recall beer because I went for mango lassi each time.

      I've become addicted to the sheng jian bao at the neighboring restaurant, Shanghai
      Flavor Shop. Every time I've gone for the SJBs, I've seen parades of Indian families go to Athidhi. So the strip mall has two winners in my opinion.

      Shanghai Flavor Shop
      888 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

      727 South Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

      1. Turmeric in sunnyvale is excellent for lunch buffet, haven't had dinner yet.

        I'm a huge fan of Mayuri in Sunnyvale, but from your description, it may not be your cup of tea. It's on the far side of informal, a touch more southern than northern (great dosas), and very down home. Place looks like a well worn dennys, but the food's something else.

        Chicken 65!

        Both have beer, although I've given up on Indian beer long ago. Brrrr.

        1. Athidi's specialties probably lie in their S.Indian menu as the owners are from the southern state of Andra Pradesh. Tried their lunch buffet once, while the N.Indian items were not bad, the standouts were the "down home" S.Indian curries.

          1. The original comment has been removed