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Jan 28, 2009 05:51 PM

Father's - 70th (more like 60th) Birthday Dinner

Hi 'Hounders,

Hoping you can help. I'm looking for a restaurant (french, italian or american) for my Father's 70th birthday for about 25 people.

We're open to all NYC neighborhoods and price range (except for the Le Cirque level...).

Ideally looking for good food, ambiance and even music and dancing if possible.

I know this one's a tall order but am hoping you might have some suggestions for me.

Many thanks in advance.


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  1. Well, I have had PHENOMENAL meal with my family for MY birthday at Les Halles.

    The food was OUTSTANDING!! Very affordable, and soooo delicious.

    I HIGHLY recommend the brie cheese with honey and peppercorns. Also the Calamari salad appetizer.

    The onion soup was of course good, as was my foie gras topped 1/2lb burger.

    I would rate it a solid 8/10.

    Also, the rhum baba WAS AMAZINGGGG, and the coffee was an old school french press, super strong, and delicious.

    My girlfriend also got the banana foster and it was prepared table side.

    Hope this helps!!

    CJ Bivona III (Culinary Education of America)

    1. Ennio and Michael's will make a customized menu for big parties. The food is good, the baked clams are the best. You may see Bill Cosby or the Godfather eating there.