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Jan 28, 2009 05:45 PM

Birthday Dinner in Old Town Pasadena with a Picky Eater

I'm trying to put together a dinner for my good friends birthday, the problem is that her husband is EXTREMELY picky.

Last year, we went to Il Forinaio (not for any affection for the place but since it was simple food, I thought everyone could enjoy) He ended up not eating a thing and just drinking water (since they didnt have Pepsi and only had Coke)

So I'm trying to put something together again this year, in Old town so we can go bar hopping afterwards. She was thinking of Cheesecake factory, but since they do not take reservations, I was hoping for something else in the area, somthing close enough that we will not have to drive to get back to old town.

Price should be comparable to Cheesecake, Have steaks, but not be a burger joint. The steak also cannot be cooked WITH anything ie: onions or mushrooms (seriously wtf)

He also hates italian food, and anything forieign (no Japanese, Korean, Mexican etc)

Any suggestions chowhounders?

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  1. Porto Alejre
    260 E Colorado Blvd
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    (626) 744-0555‎

    Yes it is forigin but it's lots of plain roasted meat and a salad bar with lots of choices

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    1. re: PurpleTeeth

      My experience with people like this is that it's not so much that they dislike "foreign" food, but that they dislike the idea of anything different.

      Bringing him to a restaurant with a Spanish name would likely be a total deal-breaker, despite what's actually on the menu.

      Mr Taster

    2. How about Central Park, which is a couple of blocks south of Old Town on Fair Oaks?

      1. Haven't been there for ages, but I remember being pleasantly surprised by a meal at Gordon Biersch. I'd think that would be basic enough for your picky eater. Yard House can also be a picky eater's paradise and would still be in walking distance to Old Town.

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          gordon biersch has shut down several weeks ago. i'd second central park or la grand orange. i have in laws that only eat american food and they're very happy when i take them to those places.

        2. try Dereks for a special meal...California/'s a pretty penny for a special occasion but well worth it...

          1. The Yardhouse rec is a good one. It has a big menu so hopefully there will be something on there the husband would eat. Perhaps the La Grande Orange?