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Jan 28, 2009 05:28 PM

New Ethiopian veggie buffet: Edmonton

Habesha, my favourite Ethiopian restaurant in town will be starting up monthly vegetarian buffets on the first Wednesday of the month next Wednesday, February 4.

When last talking with the owner, he said he hoped to serve more variety and more dishes than the other more famous (and established) Ethiopian veggie buffet in town. I have strong hopes for him. Although the buffet at Langano Skies is filling and a good choice for vegetarians who have little variety in town, I have consistently been more impressed with the freshness, unusual dishes and spicing at Habesha. (is L.S. even still doing their buffet??)

It maybe a bit more out of the way, and I'm sure Langano Skies will continue to attract hordes of veggie students due to its proximity to the university, but Habesha is worth the trip.

Not sure what the price point will be, but probably around the $15 mark.

Habesha :: 9515 118th Avenue, Edmonton

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  1. Wow, great to know!

    I actually tried the veggie buffet at Lagano Skies last night. It was my first time trying Ethiopian food, and I liked it, but I found it quite repetitive.
    I'll be sure to give this new one a try (especially since it's right by some of my friends houses!)

    1. Do they have a lot of vegetarian choices on days other than Wednesday?

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        They do. There are a few more dishes than most other places in town. A few different variations on wots (the lentil based dishes) and different spinach/kale (gomen wot), cabbage (alitcha wot) and string bean based dishes (fosolia) that are absolutely delicious.

      2. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know this place existed and have been meaning to get out to LS for awhile now, instead I'm going to try and check Habesha out.

        1. Just following up and updating: my mate and I visited this past Wednesday and enjoyed the spread.

          This is a WEEKLY event, and runs 5-9pm. Cost is $14.99. They are hoping to average 7-8 dishes in the buffet, but are still experimenting.

          On our visit the features were:

          - chickpea fitfit. Chick peas, torn injera in a simple dressing (the owner's mom made the dish specially for him)
          - two lentil wots: one spicy and one mild
          - gomen wot (spinach/kale and spices)
          - fosolia (green beans and carrots)
          - atekilt wot (cabbage and potatoes)
          - tossed salad

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          1. re: kazzy

            Habesha is absolutely my favourite restaurant in the city. We went there for the first time a few days after it opened and haven't looked back! We take our friends there all the time now, to share combo platters and enjoy the friendly ambiance of restaurant. I am so happy to hear that they are doing a veggie buffet! I don't think I'll eat anywhere else in the city LOL.

            There is another new Somali restaurant (that also serves Ethiopian dishes) on 111ave and 96th street. It is quite good - especially the spiced rice and the vegetarian platter (if you are vegetarian, mention this to the server). The only drawback was they have a tv going through dinner time, which doesn't make the ambiance quite as nice as Habesha. The price is right though!