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Jan 28, 2009 05:15 PM

Bachelor Party Dinners

I am planning a bachelor party in Montreal. The bachelor is a big foodie and we will be a group of 12-15 people. Can someone please recommend some foddie friendly places with great food and great atmosphere? We need 2 dinner and 1 lunch spots.

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    1. MILSA good food and a very bachlor like atmosphere.

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        I really didn't like the food at Le Milsa last I went. The biggest problem was that the food got around to half the table before it went cold/was gone, and that half spent the night hungry...

        1. re: humbert

          Although ...I went this evening and I think the fact that I did not take the "all you can eat meat" ruined it for me. I had the salmon and I can make better at home with my eyes closed! There was absolutely no flavour added at all, no spices, oils, nothing. Quite dissapointing. But I still think that you can have a fun bachelor party there...just take the meat ;o)

        2. I consider myself a bit of a Bachelor Party aficionado, so if you need any advice on anything other than dinner let me know. This is the best town in the world for this kind of evening - can be as classy or as trashy as you want it to be.

          As for the resto, if you haven't chosen yet, I would go with Au Pied du Cochon of Joe Beef for a real 'boy's night' atmosphere.

          1. Garde Manger/ L'Orignale, loud funky places and surely enough good food to go around

            1. I would check out Mechant Boeuf in the Old Port