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Cooking and/or wine tasting class in NYC?

I am looking for a reasonably priced class in NYC. Already did the OTTO wine class (twice) and thought it was great and reasonably priced. Can't seem to find anything else for under $100. Anyone know of anything good out there or a place I can look?

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  1. the New School had a great wine tasting class. Im not sure if they still offer it, but it's worth checking their evening school schedule

    1. ICE has a wide range of wine classes. Almost all of them are under $100. If you're interested in sharpening your knife skills (pun intended), those classes are excellent and are under $100. Peruse the on-line catalogue, and will find some cooking and baking courses for under $100.


      Vino, the wine store associated with itrulli, runs wine classes. Prices range from $65 - $105. I


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        Agree with ICE - have taken many cooking classes there over the years - -you work your butt off , as it is hands on but the meal at the end is fantastic the wine flows very freely, you can take leftovers home and you learn alot.
        The only disappointing class for me was the turkish one the instructor at the time didn't seem to care much. The steakhouse ones, NYC restaurant favorites, Italian ones, mediterranean all were VERY GOOD.

      2. ICE is the way to go! I took a cannoli class there which was super fun. And their wine classes are great, as RGR said.

        I believe Artisanal also done wine/cheese classes.

        1. I.C.E ROCKS...I go there alllll the time!

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            I took the knife skills class at ICE (after many years of cooking and thinking I knew what I was doing.) Changed my life.

          2. From The Strong Buzz:

            The restaurant South Gate (chef is Kerry Heffernan) is doing a series of cooking classes. This Saturday, January 31st, it's the making of hand-crafted cheese. Time: 3-5 p.m. Cost: $35pp.

            "It will be led by South Gate artisan cheesemaker and executive sous chef Nate Eckhaus, who will take you through the secrets to making rich ricotta, crème fraiche, burrata, and mozzarella. You’ll learn how to make these cheeses in your home kitchen and how to incorporate them into everyday cooking."

            South Gate
            154 Central Park South

            1. Check these links out! All cooking and wine tasting for this weekend.The unami one at astor wines looks incredible!

              1. http://nycwineclass.com/
                if you want to do a repeat wine class - i've done it twice and loved it both times. have recommend it to a few other friends who all had great times there as well.

                1. Astor Center is great for a variety of classes - not just wine! I don't think they do cooking classes, though. They always have something going on, so you can just browse their website.

                  1. Thank you all--I have a lot of options to choose from!

                    1. Since we're planning one for our trip in May, Italian Wine Merchants do quite a few:


                      This one in particular on Valentine's Day looks quite wonderful:

                      Love Italian Style—Wine Pairings with Perugina Chocolate
                      Saturday, February 14, 2009 1:00-3:00 PM

                      Romance languages include all those that descend from Latin, the language of ancient Rome. Italian, in particular, has often been referred to as the language of love. This is not surprising given Italy’s majestic scenery—the rolling hills of Toscana, the breath taking coasts of Le Marche, the list goes on. While a trip to Italy might not be in order this Valentine’s Day, take this opportunity to spend the most romantic day of the year at the next best place—Italian Wine Merchants. Pairing up with Perugina, one of Italy’s premier chocolatiers, we will share a decadent afternoon delving into the magical interplay of sweet and tart, high and low notes, coming together when chocolate meets wine. Four presentations of chocolate, from white to dark, will pair up with two Italian wines each, to demonstrate how the different interactions create a truly gratifying experience.
                      Price: $85.00

                      1. Whole Food Market Bowery offers some of the most affordable (and interesting) classes in the City. 3-hour, hands-on classes range from $55-$65 per person. Sadly, there is no wine at these events (they are not allowed due to liquor licensing) but it's an intimate space with recession friendly prices!