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Jan 28, 2009 04:37 PM

Hamburgers on Beverly Blvd

Used to eat the best hamburgers and chunky fries on Bev Blvd. 13 yrs ago (near to La Brea)
opposite a wholefoods market (or another health food shop quite large) and opposite on top of the health store was an up market apt block.!!
anyone know the name?
dying for a re visit!!

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  1. OK, this a litlle vague, but Erewhon has been on Beverly Blvd. in its new location with the apartments on top probably that long. But a burger place across the street has me stymied. Boxer was across the street, but not really a burger place.

    1. Authentic Cafe used to be across the street from erewhon and i loved their burgers. But i remember them having french fries that were on the thinner side, not chunky. I live right over there, and other than Swingers and BLD (too new) i can't think of any hamburger places.

      1. Authentic Cafe was around for years, and they certainly had burgers. It's across from Erewhon, a health food market. Is that it? (closer to Fairfax)

        1. There used to be a place called "Eat Well" in that general area that could be it, but they are gone now so no help there if that was it.

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            good news is that if it *was* Eat Well, which im doubting, there's still one on Santa Monica Blvd.

            1. re: Emme

              I'm not sure that qualifies as good news as it never lived up to its name. ;-D

              What we should really be doing is directing the OP to good burger places that they can undoubtedly still find NOW.

              1. re: Servorg

                the OP was looking for a specific joint - if it was eat well (and the OP *likes* eat well), then so be it. i like the Buddha Bowl at Eat Well :)

          2. There was a place on the same side of the street as Erewhon (new location) called Red that had excellent turkey burgers - could that be the place you're thinking of?