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Jan 28, 2009 03:56 PM

Ruth's Chris Steak House for RW

Thinking about making a reservation at Ruth's Chris for the February 2009 restaurant week. Based on previous years' experiences, what can you tell me about it? Would you recomment it?

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  1. We went to the Ruth's Chris near the Power Plant the past two summer RWs. We had a great experience both times. All of us ordered the petite filet for around $30. Since the petite filet on the regular menu is around $35 and the RW pricing comes with a starter and dessert, we felt it was a winner. Typical Ruth's Chris fare for a bit of a better price. Enjoy.

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    1. re: mdfifi

      Thanks, mdfifi. I'm like you - I love to get deals during RW. Ruth's does sound like a winner, in terms of both value and, I trust, food quality. If it's not too much trouble, how much of a selection was there on the RW menu?

      1. re: pilgrim64

        Pilgrim64, I don't recall exactly, but for some reason I thought there were 3-4 mains to choose, 3 different starters, and maybe 2-3 desserts. We went back in July so it's not fresh in my memory. I'd call the restaurant or look on the RW website to be sure.

        On a side note, the regular menu is also offered, or at least it was when we went.

        1. re: mdfifi

          Thanks, again, mdfifi. I've made a reservation for my wife and myself, but at one of the Ruth's Chris locations in DC. I'll post a review afterwards.

          1. re: pilgrim64

            stay away from the annapolis one, poorly-executed food and service

            1. re: pilgrim64

              I've always felt that Ruth's Chris was one of those places where "Nobody Pays Full Price Anymore, Why Should You?"

              When the waiters seat you, don't they ask you if you have a discount coupon? You'd feel dumb eating there without a discount. They are so readily available through advertisements and mailings and on the internet. The RW deal is great compared to full price, but is that a realistic comparison?

              I feel that you're not really taking advantage of RW if you go to a chain.

              1. re: Steve

                Just went to Riths Chris in PIkesville for RW...thought it was a great deal....although I ordered off the reg menu....the other 4 people I was with all ordered the RW week special which was a petite filet, regular side, soup or salad, dessert and coffee ALL for $30.09 pp.......thought ot was a very good deal.

                I didn't know Ruth Chris offers coupons or discounts. Has anyone else seen these?

                1. re: MDicecreamguy

                  I've never seen Ruth's Chris coupons or discounts. I have received a gift certificate for Ruth's Chris sand have had dinner there during Restaurant Week the past two years (Washington, DC). I'm planning on going this year too. I've never head of any other specials besides the RW deals 2x/year.

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