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Superbowl dessert

Yet another Superbowl party question. We have been invited for a dinner and I have volunteered to add to the dessert board. There will be two "football" cakes, one for each team, and I am trying to think of a another dessert that can be for people who don't necessarily like cake for dessert. Pies, cookies, I'm trying to come up with the right thing. Any thoughts -- and I don't think it has to be clever...

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  1. On another thread, someone had suggested the 7-layer bars using sweetened condensed milk. They're always a hit.

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      It was me. People love these. I am bringing them to the party that I am attending.


    2. Trifle is fairly uncomplicated and I wonder if you could arrange the lady fingers to resemble goal posts. Just a thought ....

      1. Chocolate chip cookies are easy and go over well. Brownies too. You can always jazz them up a little if you want. I never eat cake (unless it's extra special) but if either of these is out, I'll be having a few.

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          Yes, I think that my husband would be in agreement with you on this!

        2. oreo truffles would be fun... i know I like to have small bites of things so it is great grab and go dessert

          1. I found a football-shaped cookie cutter in my collection so I'm planning to bring cookies to the Super Bowl pot luck I'm attending.
            I have two thoughts. Gingerbread is almost the color of a football so I could make gingerbread cookies and pipe some white icing for the stitches. Or I could make sugar cookies, ice them with a chocolate glaze and pipe stitches as above. Which do you think would go over best?

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            1. Since I am not the best when it comes to my own parties and putting out desserts, the last Super Bowl party I put out that Banana & Vanilla Wafer Pudding dessert thing. It could certainly be upgraded using real whipped cream, lady fingers, and some nice quality grated dark chocolate (or coconut). I'm doing that or attempting Lamingtons.

              1. This is always a hit when I take it to family events:

                Chocolate Eclair Pie

                1 box graham crackers
                1 small box INSTANT French vanilla pudding (regular vanilla okay too)
                2 cups whole milk
                1 large container Cool Whip THAWED (I use fat free)
                1 container chocolate icing (I use the triple chocolate chip flavor)

                In your largest mixing bowl, combine milk and pudding according to box directions. Add Cool Whip and mix well. In a deep casserole dish, line bottom with graham crackers, breaking pieces to fill the spaces. Pour half of pudding mixture on top of graham crackers. Add a second layer of graham crackers. Pour remaining pudding mixture on top. Add a third layer of graham crackers. Remove foil lining from icing container and microwave 30 seconds (be sure all metal lining on icing container is removed before microwaving). Stir and pour over top of pie. Refrigerate at least 4 hours. This one is better the second day.

                1. The last couple testosterone-fueled parties I worked I made Pretzel Rods dipped in caramel and then dipped in melted dark or milk chocolate. The caramel layer is kind of on the soft side, so when you bite into the pretzel it's like a twix consistency. These have gone over pretty well and are now asked for repeatedly.
                  This Sunday I'm gonna sprinkle on a little extra Fleur de Sel too.
                  These are super easy too!

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                    I've done the pretzel rods with the chocolate, but adding the caramel sounds delicious! Yum!

                  2. I find that you can't go wrong with cheesecake bars or brownie cheesecake bites. Also I've had a lot of success with Paula Deen's mini brownies. All you have to do is take a your favorite brownie recipe (or your favorite box mix), put a small amount in the bottom and place your favorite small candy in the center. I've had success with Mini Reece's, Hershey's Kisses, Rolo's, really it's limited by your imagination, cover them with remaining brownie mix and bake for 15-20 minutes depending on how "gooey" you like them!

                    1. I'm not so good at desserts and we're not having that many people so its going to be "build your own ice cream sundae." I'm always amused to see the adults go even more crazy over the toppings than the kids.

                      1. I finally made a new recipe yesterday, and DH declared them too good to keep in the house so we packed them up and mailed them to one of his bachelor friends. Reminiscent of a Take 5 bar in flavor -
                        a layer of Club crackers, topped with a weird caramel composed mostly of crushed graham crackers, topped with another layer of club crackers, frosted with chocolate and butterscotch chips melted together with peanut butter. Reading the description makes them sound like nothing, but they are rich and highly addictive, and cut into diamonds or triangles stack up nicely on a plate. The recipe was from a Cuisine at Home book from Christmas, I think. Worth the price of the book, and more!

                        But also love Waver's ice cream idea - and adults do build better sundaes!

                        1. I know this is going to sound dull, but how about a fruit salad for those that either are too full for dessert or don't like it or can't eat it for allergy or health reasons... maybe with an agave-lime syrup if you like. Bring it in a big hollowed out watermelon rind (could even carve it in a cool shape - i usually do a whale)

                          Other ideas--
                          Date bars
                          Candied orange peel, ginger, lemon rind, etc.
                          Chocolate covered mint sticks
                          Candied nuts
                          Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread