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DineLA @ The Bazaar

Anyone been yet? Any recommendations? I just noticed the menu choices:

Choice 1 - Choice of any 1 Tapa from a wide variety of Rojo Traditional or Blanca Modern Tapas

Choice 1 - Choice of any 2 Tapas from a wide variety of Rojo Traditional or Blanca Modern Tapas

Choice 1 - Choice of 1 Patisserie Dessert
Choice 2 - An Assortment of Bon Bons

Only 3 tapas? For a $44 price tag? It sounds like such a small number of choices that I want to make my choices count. I read Kevin H.'s review, but just wondering if there are other opinions on making the most of the DineLA menu.

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  1. exilekiss has done great reviews of Bazaar. I suggest you search the board for recs.

    1. Roughly four plates of tapas doesn't sound like nearly enough food.

      I'd recommend that everyone in your party get something different and share.

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      1. re: kevin h

        So, you think we should skip the DineLA special? Or, are you saying that if we each pick different items off of that menu, that would be the best choice because it is possible to share the tapas?

        I am just worried that I am paying $50+ and am going to have to go to get a burger or pizza afterwards!

        1. re: SouthernFoodie08

          I was thinking more of the latter. However, as exile mentions below, choose the courses carefully (i.e. pick the pricier tapas!).

          However, I know for a fact that I would be stopping by for a Double-Double with only four plates of tapas in me!

      2. Hi SouthernFoodie08,

        It doesn't sound like a good deal at all. Considering Rojo and Blanca's Tapas *normal* menu price range from $7 - $18 (with a few exceptions) and most of the Tapas are under $10; and the Patisserie Desserts range from $0.75 - $12... you could end up with choices that make it more expensive to eat than ordering off the regular menu(!).

        For example: 3 Tapas @ $9 (normal price) = $27; then add on 1 Dessert for $12 (most expensive one) = $39 total vs. the $44 DineLA price.

        Of course, if you chose all the $16 - $18 Tapas + Dessert, and that's where you can save a few dollars. :)

        One of the more expensive items that's worth it regardless of which way you go: Jamon Iberico de Bellota (normally $18). :)

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        1. re: exilekiss

          I heard that the meat and cheese plates aren't included, so no Iberico I'm afraid.

          1. re: kevin h

            Hi kevin h,

            Ouch! They don't even include the Iberico in the DineLA deal? Oh well. That makes it even less worth it. :(

            1. re: exilekiss

              It was "worth it":

              Cost breakdown as follows:
              Chose any 3 tapas, jamon / queso menu excluded.

              If you select a few of the "canned" seafoods (kumamoto oysters or uni + hot "meat" dishes (lamb or veal) or sliders (foies gras burgers or uni bao), 3 tapas alone will be ~$36.

              Chose 1 Philly/Hillly sammie ($8)

              Chose 1 dessert ($10).

              Do the math.

              It was a fabulous time. In fact, out of the 2 years, this was the finest DineLA meal I had. Gordon Ramsay is the true rip-off IMO. HC and/or Food Destination (or myself) should be throwing up their blog posts before this weekend.

              1. re: TonyC

                i ate there last night (not dine in LA) and there is noooo way anyone can be full after 3 tapas. i suggest going to fogo de chao down the street afterwards. it is definitely an experience of a restaurant.

                1. re: TonyC

                  Hey TonyC,

                  Sounds like you had a good time. And that's what I said in my original post above: If someone chooses the more expensive Tapas, then of course, they will exceed the $44 price tag. If they choose 3 Tapas that are normally $7 - 9 on the regular menu, and a regular dessert (even their most expensive at $12) it's cheaper to order from the regular menu.

                  I look forward to your Gordon Ramsey writeup. Thanks.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    I agree.

                    We did dineLA at the Bazaar with a party of 3 and thought it was a good deal, but we consciously ordered some of the pricier items to make it so.

                    Also, the inclusion of the philly/hilly cheesesteak was not listed on the dineLA website so that was a nice surprise.

                    On top of the 3 tapas and patisserie selection each, we added a plate of the jamon iberico de bellota (amazing!) and 1 additional tapa, and were all reasonably sated at the end of the meal.

                    Definitely worth checking out for dineLA.

                    1. re: TracyS

                      Thanks to everyone for your input! We are going to go tonight. I will type in my results afterwards. I am very excited, though!!

                      1. re: SouthernFoodie08

                        Just wanted to follow up and tell you all that we had a wonderful time at The Bazaar on Friday. The service was great (we did have to wait awhile to sit down and the scene while waiting around the bar was off-putting, but once we sat down the service was very good.).

                        We did take advantage of the DineLA menu after all. I thought I would be prepared, since I did research online and wrote a list of potential things to order. But, I flaked out and left the list at work so I had to fly blind!

                        As said before, they gave the philly cheesesteak complimetary. I thought it was good, not great. I liked the cheese, but didn't like the crunchy bread that it was piped in as much. It was one of my friends' favorite of the meal.

                        I got the foie gras sliders, which were DELICIOUS!!! The creamy/salty foie gras was set off perfectly by the sweet quince jelly on the sandwich. I could have eaten another plate of those easily!!

                        Then, I got the wild mushroom rice with Idiazabel cheese. When you had cheese on your spoon with the rice, it was tasty. Flavored well, creamy. Unfortunately, there was just a thin slice if cheese and the rest of the rice was bland. I had to add salt to make it palatable.

                        For my 3rd tapas, I got the lamb with potato foam, which I really enjoyed. It was EXTREMELY rare meat, though so it was a bit off-putting to dig into the foam and see that pool of bloody jus at the bottom of the bowl.

                        Finally, I got the hot chocolate mousse with hazlenut cream and pear sorbet. OH.MY.GOSH!! That dessert was perfect! The pear sorbet tasted like the best frozen pear and that hazlenut sauce. . YUM! That battled the foie gras for my favorite of the meal.

                        My friends got the king crab, hanger steak with pequidilla pepper, shrimp with garlic, lobster medallions, mushrooms, and some salad that looked like a slice of gelatin. Everyone agreed that the hanger steak was the best of all of their choices.

                        In the end, we all had a really nice time. I was disappointed that you could only get pitchers of white sangria (only 2 of us wanted to drink) and that only the $36 version of jamon iberico de bellato was offered (they took the smaller amount off the menu), but overall I enjoyed The Bazaar and would love to go back! Thanks for all of your help!

                        1. re: SouthernFoodie08

                          the reason you can only get a pitcher is because they make it for you tableside with sparkling wine. It's quite good actually though you don't get as much fruit essense was you would with sangria that has the fruit soaking for hours

                    2. re: TonyC

                      Look at the DineLA selection of tapas--sliders, oysters and lamb are not on the offerings. Also, only serano ham is available--the cheapest

                    3. re: exilekiss

                      well actually the bellota platter is around $40, so ur completely off. and you get a free philly cheesesteak which is $8

                  2. re: exilekiss

                    Hey Exile Kiss,

                    I went there last night and just starting to report back in my blog. You forgot about the cheesesteak which is $7 each as an appetizer. Most of the desserts are $10 each. You minus that $17 from $44 = $27 for the three tapas (which fits your average of $9). Our group spend an avg of $32 for the taps, so it's worth a little saving.

                    More importantly it got us to the place, so even if you don't want to do DineLA, it's worth going there.

                    1. re: Pepsi Monster

                      Hi Pepsi Monster,

                      Oh there's an Appetizer as well as 3 Tapas and a Dessert? I was only responding to the Original Poster's information (where they listed only 3 Tapas and a Dessert). Of course if you get an Appetizer like the Cheesesteak as part of the deal, it makes it more economical and a better deal. :)

                      Glad to hear you had a good time!

                  3. OP -- SO glad you went and enjoyed yourself:)

                    A group of went to Bazaar last night and LOVED it. Everything from the flavors, to the presentation, to the pacing, to the service, to the wine list, to the sommelier, to the music, to the decor is fantastic. This was my 8th Dine L.A. meal (yes, I am having too much fun) in a week, and by far the best experience this week.

                    The choices are extensive; much more so than the other DineLA menus have been. We were not hungry, but not "stuffed" either. I understand how Kevin could still be hungry:)

                    However, the DineLA pricing isn't much of a discount. We saw, because the initial check had the normal pricing, followed by a check with the corrected "dineLA" pricing that we saved $20 total or about $7 each.

                    For the 3 of us, using the DineLA menu and supplementing with one ($57) botle of wine, 2 cappucinos and 1 cup of tea, the total including tax and tip, was $85 per person. Great value, but not an inexpensive choice. And, be aware that valet parking is $10, plus tip, which brought my the total cost to $97.

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                    1. re: ElissaInPlaya

                      I went a few nights ago with a friend and we were offered the DineLA choice, but we opted to pick what we wanted and see how it panned out.

                      We each had a foie gras cotton candy. My friend loved it, but I did not. The huge chunk of foie gras terrine inside the cotton candy was not appealing to me for some reason.

                      However, we had the foie gras buns and they were HEAVENLY! Delicious bread, amazing and perfect amount of terrine, and the quince preserves were perfect. I could eaten more of those for sure!

                      We also had the ajo blanco (white gaspacho) which I had eaten another version of his at his restaurant in DC but this time it was more of a pudding, versus a soup. I MUCH preferred the version in DC. Something was off putting about this version. It lacked flavor and I just didn't like it solidified versus the soup. It was beautifully presented though!

                      We also ordered the "not your everyday caprese" salad, which was divine! I loved the idea of liquid mozzarella and eating that with the tomato ball and the pesto was just an explosion of flavor in my mouth. Yum!

                      My friend insisted on the artichoke and citrus salad, which was tasty and fresh, but not exciting like the caprese.

                      I also tried the Philly cheesesteak. I loved the cheese sauce inside but it was quite expensive for basically one bite of food!

                      I could have easily ordered more but we decided on desserts instead. My friend ordered the coconut cake, which I thought would be a winner, yet lacked flavor and was too gelatin like.

                      I ordered the strangest sounding dessert (as I usually try to) the beet meringues with pistachio cake (looked like a sponge lol), pistachio creme anglaise, and I think it was a berry sorbet. I saw beet meringues and had to try it, but I wouldn't order this again. It was beautifully presented, like a forest, but it wasn't satisfying.

                      Overall I thought it was an amazing experience, and would love to go again with more people to be able to try more of the menu options!

                    2. We did the DineLA the other night with 7 people celebrating a birthday.
                      Everyone got a philly or a hilly sandwich,
                      Then we each picked 3 items from quite a selection.
                      Then we got a dessert.
                      We also ordered 3 extra items.

                      Everything was great, and everyone ended up getting to try a bit of everything.
                      Service was excellent as well. The cocktails were some of the best I have had although a bit pricey.

                      Overall everyone was really happy and enjoyed the Bazaar and also glad we made the reservation before the 4 star review.

                      After comparing the prices the DineLA menu was definitely worth it the way we ordered.

                      1. I've done Dine LA at 6 restaurants so far, and The Bazaar is my favorite--good value, and a fabulous dining experience! I can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu.

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                        1. re: fdb

                          @fdb--can you tell us exactly what you ordered that made the DineLA selections such a great value? I've done come calculating and I come out at only $39 off the regular menu. I feel like I must be missing something. I have a reservation but I'm rethinking it.

                          1. re: bohemiana

                            You have to pick and choose.... definitely get the jamon, it's already like $18 or something.

                            1. re: jaykayen

                              As the most expensive item the economist (i.e. cheapskate) in me says to order that, but on the otherhand it's just ham. I can go to La Espanola in Lomita and get 4 oz of serano ham for $9. Does he do something special to it?

                              1. re: bohemiana

                                No, nothing is done to it. It's just sliced and served. And it's AMAZINGly good...

                            2. re: bohemiana

                              Bohemiana: My entry was from two years ago and I went again last year. Note that the portions on some of the dishes have gotten smaller. As for the value, do you know you can choose 3 items (not just 1) from the second course menu? WildSwede offers some good suggestions below on what not to order. To get the best value, I would order the shrimp, scallop, flank steak and Japanese taco. I also like ceviche with avocado roll and organized caesar salad. For starters, I would order Tortilla de Patatas “New Way” or “Philly Cheesesteak”. I like all the desserts. Hope you enjoy it!

                          2. We went during DineLA in October last year and it looks like the menu for DineLA, January 2012 does not have all the same items on it. From when we went, I would definitely get the Philly Cheesesteak again. We also got the Japanese Taco which was one of the appetizer selections when we went. Both are fabulous. When we discussed the meal afterward, we both agreed the apps were the best. For the second list of choices, what we got and liked a lot was the Jamon, Papas Canarias, Mussels. The ones I would not order again are the croquetas de pollo (very heavy and not that imaginative), sauteed cauliflower "couscous" (this was bland and just missing something), and the ultimate spanish tapa. I ordered some additional items and one was the olives, both traditional and contemporary. They were very good. I took my mom for her birthday so they totally spoiled us with dessert. I got the panna cotta which was the best out of the bunch. I know there are other things we ordered, but those mentioned above are the most memorable. We had a fantastic experience. This time around, we are trying Tres for lunch.