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Jan 28, 2009 02:49 PM

Georgetown Bakery in St. John's Newfoundland

Anyone had a chance to check this place out? Apparently, the baker/owner hails from Brittany, France. Any reviews or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I liev in the neighbourhood and the owner is local---he trained in France and Quebec...the breads are great, so are the bagels(following the Montreal method)....various other locals work there including a philosophy prof from MUN, a musician Joe Belly (who makes the tasty croissants--just wish they would get the required chocoloate), a horse lover, and others....

    1. It is indeed a great bakery, full of friendly people and delicious things. In addition to the excellent bagels and croissants they make gorgeous classic baguettes and belgians, and a rotating bread each day including brioche (Wednesday), challah (Thursday), and chocolate cranberry (Saturday). It's a very busy place, especailly on Saturday. They close Sunday and Monday. I am a regular and devoted customer. Go.

      1. It is a fantastic bakery! We checked it out this week while here on vacation after reading about it on this post. we were too late for the croissants on the first day we went, but scored a delicious loaf of cranberry spice (all crusty on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside), and some quarter belgians. I almost died and went to heaven when we had the belgians with some partridgeberry jam. Yum.

        We got there early enough the second time to nab a few croissants. They were good. But honestly their breads are so fresh and tasty, that I'd go there everyday (if I lived in town) even if they didn't make croissants.

        I wish they'd start making some pastries because i'm sure those would be spectacular too.

        1. Just once, and the place was pretty cleaned out by the time we got there. Snagged a mighty good loaf of olive bread though. So good.

          1. I visit the Gerogetown Bakery on my annual family visit. Can anyone tell me the current hours and days of operation? I need a bagel fix.

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              Tues-Saturday, 7am-4ish, although you are much better off to go early in the day for best selection.