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Jan 28, 2009 02:39 PM

Soup Question

This past pesach, at the Ocean Resort in Long Branch, NJ - we were served thismost fantastic soup during the 2nd days. it was a meat soup with a Spanish/South American name that had a combo of meat, turkey and chicken in it and a distinctive spice combination.

I even saved that night's menu so that I could look up the soup after the holidays to get the recipe. The menu got lost before I could research it and I can't remember the name of the soup. I vagely remember someone telling me that it was a popular South American soup but I don't know the region.

Any Ideas? I'd love
to recreate.

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    1. re: ferret

      I'm not sure that was it - it didn't have plaintains - that I remember - which most of the googles recipes seem to have. I don't honestly remember what kind of veggies it did have though

      1. re: shanirum

        We had a Colombian live-in for several years who made this regularly. It's a regional dish and no 2 regions make it the same (and she improvised a lot depending on what was available). It's basically just a chicken/beef stew. I've seen versions that are soupier and some that are chunky with little broth. There aren't a lot of rules.

    2. Puchero? My wife is from Mexico and makes it. There are many varieties across latin america.