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Jan 28, 2009 02:20 PM

Dine LA - share your thoughts on places you've been

Hey everyone,

I have gone out to 2 places for Dine LA so far and I have a few more planned. I am just looking to see if we can have a thread where people post their opinion on the food so that some of us don't waste time going to places that will ultimately end with a disappointment.

I went to STK the other night and didn't enjoy the food that much. First off, AMAZING bread! I had a calamari appetizer which was 3 small pieces of calamari with a small jicama salad on the side. It was pretty bland. My friend had the Lobster Bisque which was very nice and had a good kick to it as well. The steaks were great. Our waitress, who was great, thanks Melissa!, accidentally brought us out the chocolate tart which wasn't that great. The atmosphere there and DJ were fantastic and the service was impeccable. I did leave feeling a little bit hungry, but that's fine.

I went to the Hall Brasserie at Palihouse for lunch because I was intrigued by the Lamb Burger. The soup they had was cauliflower and not the mushroom on the menu, so I opted for the Pate which was great...very filling. I had the burger which was cooked perfectly, but may have lacked seasoning. The fries were kinda bland but was served with a nice aioli on the side. The chocolate cake was nice, but nothing to write home about. My waiter didn't charge me for my soda, but regardless, for $22, I was very satisfied and quite full, which was very different than STK.

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  1. Thanks for those reviews, I'll make sure to avoid both places. I'm really down on restaurants that aren't great but charge as if they''re top tier. STK sounds particularly mediocre!

    1. Went to Sushi Roku in Pas night before last . . . Yes, i know it is not known among foodies for its out of the world sushi but I figured I was meeting a friend in Pas for dinner so it was worth a dry for Dine LA prices. Anyways we sat down and were handed the regular menu with no insert etc on the Dine LA option, so I asked. The server looked at me like she had no idea what i was talking about, so I asked again, and she said she would go check--she came back with the menu. We both ordered the trio of apps--which was way yummy--
      then we had the sushi sampler--good sushi, fresh and perfect. For dessert I had the chocolate volcano, and she had the sorbet.--both were actually really good (yes, I sound suprised because im really picky about desserts)--
      all in all a good meal for the price--

      1. Drago was very nice, great service, good food. The quail was pretty wonderful. Sorbet dessert was awesome.

        BLT Steak was also really nice. Super attentive service, really trying to impress. The wedge salad seemed a little flimsy. Very little attention went into making that dish... I'd probably stay away from it, actually. The hangar steak was perfect and really delicious. Desserts, too, were remarkable. I'd never been to BLT Steak, but I have to say... even for Hollywood, the wine list was extremely expensive. I hardly recognized any of the wines so I couldn't gauge if they were over-priced, but it was difficult to find a wine under $100/bottle. Yeah. Thankfully the sommelier was extremely helpful and found us a great, not-that-inexpensive-but-not-outlandish pinot.

        I've heard Wilshire's menu is delicious.