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Jan 28, 2009 02:05 PM

Vietnamese deli in Contra Costa County?

Just like the title says -- are there any good Vietnamese delis in CoCoCo? I'm hoping for places that sell things like banh mi, various other banh, etc. I'm dying out here in Antioch :( The local Asian market (County Square) is fine in a pinch for most groceries but my husband and I prefer Vietnamese food which they don't have at their hot counter. They don't carry any Vietnamese sweets and I can't remember if they carry any fresh rice noodles either. HELP!

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  1. Not really close, but in Pinole there's BT sandwich deli which has good banh mi.

    Not a deli, but restaurant, I've been reading good things about DaNang Tourane Vietnamese Restaurant in Antioch. Supposedly they have some less common Vietnamese dishes on the menu such as grape leaves stuffed with ground beef on skewers. Supposedly the grilled items and the pho are the stars here.

    It is not Vietamese, but sort of an upscale fusiony restaurant, but i read that Amber Bistro in Danville has a Vietnamese sandwich on its lunch menu.

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      I actually live a few houses down from Da Nang -- the location is a headscratcher but I've been there a few times. :) The owners are nice and food is decent for the area but oh man oh man, what I would do for decent Vietnamese sweets around here :(

      I'll have to check out the deli in Pinole sometime.

    2. There is a Vietnamese Restaurant on Wildhorse dr. Called Da Nang Tourine. They have banh mi, and a full menu of Vietnamese food.

      1. Have you checked out the Bay Area Banh mi map?? I can vouch for R&J Noodle in Walnut Creek for their banh mi (at least as of a few months back....they usu. aren't open on weekends which is when I tend to be in the area!)

        1. It's not a deli, but it's a Vietnamese restaurant located in the Park 'N Shop shopping area in Concord where Fry's is located. The place is called Saigon Bistro, and they do sell banh mi. They also serve your typical pho and rice plates. The sandwiches are pretty good, though a bit on the expensive side. But hey, it beats having to drive all the way out to Oakland for banh mi.