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Jan 28, 2009 01:55 PM

Vineyard Fresh Wine Preservation... any good?

Anyone have any experience with this product... it's an argon gas system for preserving an opened bottle of wine. Guess there's a few other products along the same lines.

What other home systems do people find effective?

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  1. my most effective system is consumption but when that isn't possible, i find the best thing is just pumping out the oxygen. private preserve works ok which is an equivalent to the vineyard fresh, but i usually rely on the old standard. that is if the bottle isn't finished

    1. Vacuvin or Private Preserve or consumption, like cockscomb said. If you drink a lot of wines and have room in your pantry, a small canister (about 16" tall) of pure argon is the ticket. Find an industrial gases supplier, buy some tubing, and it's by far the cheapest and best of all. At least that's my experience.

      Some links for you for more info:
      Make Your Buzz Last Longer: CHOW tests wine-preservation systems:

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      1. If you can find it, the Preservin system works really, really well--indeed, if you gas the wines immediately after opening, via the specially designed "cork," and then don't disturb the cork, the bottle will stay fresh for a long time. Of course, if you've had the bottle out all night and it's half full, there's been a lot of air contact and no preservations system will do much, other than delay perhaps for a day or two the inevitable.