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Leftover evaporated milk?

I just made gelato yesterday...and was hoping to make another flavor again tonight or tomorrow to complement it, but I cannot find a recipe for peanut butter gelato (see my post with 0 replies from last night) and am not sure what else to do with evaporated milk. I would be up for other creative gelato recipes, like a lavender vanilla, or a basic conversion method for ice cream to gelato so I could fool around with some of the recipes I've found, or even something else entirely to do with the milk rather than just pour it down the drain. Any ideas? I have no clue what to do with the stuff.


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  1. Use it as a replacement for cream, mashed potatoes, soup, pumpkin pie, coffee.

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      I had some in my cocoa this morning--a very nice addition. I could easily make a habit of including it in cocoa. And the cat enjoyed a tiny sample of the evaporated milk last week. :)

    2. Use a hazelnut gelato recipe, perhaps, and substitute.

      1. maybe post another query to see if anyone has a copy of "The Ultimate Frozen Dessert" by Bruce Weinstein - i know it contains a recipe for PB gelato, perhaps someone is willing to post it for you...?

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          Thank you all for your ideas! I grabbed a pistachio gelato recipe earlier and thought that might be a good swap for my PB...but I like the new posting idea even better. And if none of that works, I think I'll make the classis kiss PB cookies minus the kiss in the center...those would be so tasty with my chocolate gelato.

        2. It freezes perfectly well. If you make macaroni and cheese with it, you don't need flour; the cheese won't get grainy like it does if you use plain milk without flour.

          1. It also whips very nicely when cold. As a dessert for us kids my mom would whip up evaporated milk and marble it through a bowl of applesauce. Haven't had it in years, but I remember it fondly. Homey comfort food.

            1. You can use it in scrambled eggs to give a creamy texture.

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                I'm going to give that a try. Since I've been using it in my hot cocoa (definitely adds creaminess), I'll need more uses for it if I pop open another can. I am all about creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs, so thanks for the suggestion!

                1. evaporated milk = Mom's secret ingredient for scalloped potatoes. I try making it with regular milk, even arf & arf, but it's the evap milk that leads to the deliciousness!

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                    YES!! I just re-discovered this stuff last year, and immediately made a very successful scalloped potato dish with chopped onion and poblano pepper cooked in butter, Reser's packaged cubed potatoes, buttered crumbs and the milk. I've discovered you can reduce it just like cream for things like creamed mushrooms or an Alfredo sauce. For the mac'n'cheese I cook it down to a thin-bechamel consistency before stirring in cheese, and if I use Dreamfields pasta I've made a low carb dish, always popular around here.

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                      Nice ideas, you guys. Sounds good!

                  2. make some strong black tea (boil it with tea bags for like three or four minutes). add evaporated milk and sugar to taste (i like lots of both). you can add a pod of cardamom to the mug when you pour the tea in for additional flavor.

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                      Sounds yummy. You probably guessed I like lots of both (milk and sugar) in my black tea, too. ;) Cardamom is a nice touch. One of my favorite black teas has cardamom--it's from Upton Tea--Melange du Chamonix:

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                        ooh - cocoa and cardamom? i might have to try it because i also really like black tea with just a little scoop of lamsa tea mixed in and then prepared as above. (lamsa is an indian chocolate flavored tea)