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Jan 28, 2009 12:43 PM

Buying raw fish

Where is the best place around Seattle to purchase above-average sashimi? I personally am not a raw fish snob (I will generally eat raw fish from any establishment) but even I'm a little weary about buying sashimi from QFC or Safeway.

Again, I'm not looking for the best, just something that can get me buy.

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  1. I would never skimp on raw fish. (Actually, there's no reason to skimp on any fish in this town.)

    Uwajimaya or Mutual Fish.

    1. Mutual Fish, on Rainier
      The Wild Salmon, at Fisherman's Terminal
      Uniiversity Seafood, in the U-District
      Jack's Fish Spot, in the Pike Place Market
      You will enjoy a visit to Uwajimaya

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        Awesome, I've walked around the AVE hundreds of times and have never noticed University Seafoods! Will check it out for sure. Thanks!

        1. re: countpig98

          University Seafood & Poultry is one shop West of the Ave on 47th and they know fish

      2. I agree with the Uwaj and Mutual recs if you're talking about fish for sashimi. One diversion worth exploring if you're shopping for fresh (live) Dungeness crab is the hole-in-the-wall shop next to Malay Satay Hut on 12th between Yesler and Jackson. I don't know the name of the place but the guy always picks the liveliest crabs in the tank, i've never gotten a bad one and his prices consistently beat those seen at the tonier markets.

        1. Maruta in Georgetown sells sashimi

          1. This list is good for fresh sashimi but no where does it cover frozen, restaurant quality sashimi. Once a place like Uwajimaya defrosts it we cannot re-freeze. Now that Sashmi Outlet is gone, does anyone know of place to buy frozen sashimi?