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Jan 28, 2009 12:41 PM

Bar in the Midtown

We will be spending 5 days in Manhattan leading up to my Aunt's 90th B-day. Staying at the Moderne, 50th & Broadway... would love to know of a bar I can hang out in the afternoon or late at nite after coming back from a show before we crash... thanks for all your insites

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  1. My office is on 50th and Bway. Didn't know there was a hotel here except the Novotel. There's a decent Irish pub called Emmett O'Lunneys right on 50th next to the Duane Reade. If you want something trendier, try the bar at the W hotel (Blue Fin) on 46th and Bway.

    1. I love the bar room at MoMA (museum of modern art) Great cocktails, wine/snacks and you can also order off the menu if you're hungry. Not sure how late its open but good for the late afternoon. its on 53rd between 5th/6th. Also Morrells wine bar on 49th between 5th/6th (open from lunchtime onward). The bar at the london hotel is also beautiful but a bit pricey.