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Jan 28, 2009 12:38 PM

Daily Grill Happy Hour

Okay, I know, I've been super-bad about not posting, but forgive me. I've been super-busy and in this economy it's a good thing.

However, hubbers and I did go try out a new happy hour last week, as Eddie V's has done the ole bait and switch with their happy hour and it now costs us an arm and a leg with the items we have come to adore...but I digress.

Was tempted by the article on happy hours in the Statesman. It was a toss-up between Daily Grill and McCormick. Mother in law's choice this time, so off we went.

Firstly, the ambiance was what you'd expect from the Domain, staged, "Disneyland". However, it was a nice night for the patio. Patio is smallish and VERY noisy (that could have had a lot to do with the large group in front who were downing the shots faster than I could count).

We ordered $1.94, the fried calamari, a hummus plate. In short, portions were exactly what you'd expect for the price. 10-12 pieces of calamari with a spicy rumalade and a dollop of clean, light tasting hummus. $2.94, ahi sashimi and chicken pot pie. Four (maybe 5?) dime-sized pieces, but they were fresh-tasting (again, what did I expect for three bucks?). Highest marks for me (husband however said "Meh") was the chicken pot pie. Granted, it was a small terrine, but the dough was flakey outside, moist-chewy inside and it had quite a few chicken chunks and a very tasty sauce.

House wine (had to be box-o-wine) was $4 and Mexican martini was $5.

Probably won't go back, but it was a perfectly fine happy hour.

Next try - McCormick.

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  1. You cannot beat the deal on the $1.95 Cheeseburger and fries at the Happy Hour @ McCormick and Schmick's before or after prime time. The mussels are usually very good as well. At the local M & S in my area, there is always a minimum eight items available on the Bar.Happy Hour menu....including Oyster shots.

    1. can you elaborate on the Eddie V's thing? i'd hate to go back and be disappointed...

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        Nothing drastic. They've removed some of the items from the happy hour prices. We used to split the arugula/goat cheese salad and it's one of the items. So, now even though we just get three appetizers, it ends up being as expensive as going out to dinner at a "normal" place. We still go and enjoy ourselves, it's just not a "happy hour destination'.