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Jan 28, 2009 12:19 PM

Big Shirley's on Carrollton?

Has anyone tried it yet? How is it? We can always use a new breakfast place.

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  1. I had fried chicken, sweet potatoes & sauteed FRESH veggies & my DC had garlic baked chicken, mashed potatoes & peas. The latter being a lunch special. We also got a side of sauteed fresh mushrooms & onions.

    The fried chicken was good. Nice crust, juicy & cooked just right.
    I felt that the sides on my plate were a little on the lite side, but were definitely tasty.
    The garlic chicken was good & my dc had plenty of mashed potatoes & peas.
    I think they both were $7 or 8. We were happy.

    We went in just before closing on Saturday . . . I wanted a po boy, but they had run out of French Bread.

    And speaking of breakfast, they open at 2am on Saturday & Sunday mornings to serve breakfast to those who have been up all night!

    Very nice people running the place who welcomed us with open arms.
    We'll definitely go back. It's not a huge menu, they just opened & said they are starting out slow. I think I brought a menu home, I'll post more if I can find it.

    1. Breakfast starts at 7am Tues-Fri