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Jan 28, 2009 12:08 PM


So... I have posted this before but I am still looking. Where is there any good Lebanese food in the Boston area? I am convinced that there has to be some, but I haven't found it yet! Reef cafe was decent but not up to par with what my Sitto used to make and now even that is closed. Help!

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  1. shawarma king in brookline

    1. Cafe Barada in North Cambridge. They feature a mix of Lebanese and Syrian dishes.

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        If you are willing to drive to Lowell, there is a new place called La Madina. It is kind of sub shop looking but an extensive menu. Food just like my Sitto makes!!!!

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          Can't find any references for this - can you give me location? TIA

        2. re: hiddenboston

          I agree- Cafe Barada is the best. The tabouli is <just> like how my Sitto made it- light on the bulgur, heavy on the tomatoes and parsley. The owners are very hospitable.

        3. Byblos in Norwood has terrific Middle Eastern food. If you have a way to get there, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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              Byblos is otherworldly. There is no better Lebanese restaurant in the Boston area.

            2. For basic Lebanese home cooking, the best in town is Samia's in West Roxbury. (And her tabbouleh is the standard.) I agree that Byblos in Norwood is good and has an extensive menu - also banquet facilities and a freaking huge, gorgeous kitchen.

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                La Madina is fairly new. It is located on Bridge St in Lowell. As I said, not much atmosphere but Sammy takes pride in his food - in both presentation and freshness. If you order Tabboulli be prepared to wait as everything is chopped fresh. Same with the fattoush. He will make you raw kibbe if you call in advance but the menu includes baked kibbe, yabrah, and even sheik il meshee.

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    No, I did not even know the owners before going in. I happen to be Lebanese with the best Lebanese cook for a mother so I am particular.

                  2. re: Yahabibi

                    Thanks for the lead. It's actually La Medina
                    Here's the address
                    La Medina Restaurant
                    1148B Bridge St
                    Lowell, MA 01850
                    (978) 458-9000

                    I've been there several times (5, 6?) for lunch, dinner and take-out. The food is very well prepared with fresh ingredients. I like the chicken shawarma sandwich (pita wrap), and the lamb tagin. The prices are very reasonable and the portions large.
                    The owner/cook, Sammy (sp?) takes great pride in his food preparation.
                    This is not a destination restaurant, and the neighborhood between the bridge and the restaurant is not the best, but this is the best low-end lebanese/syrian restaurant between Boston and Montreal in my experience.

                    I travel a lot and spend a great deal of time in Montreal (Ville St Laurent) where there is a very sizable Lebanese population. (Many Lebanese, especially among the Christians, are francophone).

                    Anyway, I hope they do well.


                    - TH

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                    Samia's food is GREAT. One note of caution - she often runs out of food towards the end of the day, but you can call in an order of whatever you want, and she will save it for you for pick-up later on.

                    1. re: Cork

                      And be prepared for a lecture about how to eat fattoush, which you really should call and order because of the time it takes. When her husband was alive, they catered a few parties for us.

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                        I'm also a fan of Samia's. She's a temperamental artist of Lebanese food. Her flavors are very strong - she loves lemon and she is a tyrant about freshness and quality. She's lectured me about several other dishes besides fattoush! I felt like I learned something. Samia is one of the greats.