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Jan 28, 2009 11:58 AM

pre (movie) theatre dinner tonight - old city

it's raining something awful out, but since i have NO food in the house i'm going to grab a solo dinner somewhere close to the ritz @ bourse before meeting my film club for a movie tonight. it's got to be open in the 5 - 5:30pm range. excellent food a must! open to all prices though i probably don't want to dress up much. i'm feeling rather picky tonight. :) where should i go?

-been to zahav recently
-bookbinders not quite my thing
-went to pagoda last week
-eulogy is our after-film spot

what am i left with, that's good?

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  1. Bistro 7 is the closest place I can think of that is excellent, on 3rd just north of Market. Opentable says they have a 5:30 res. available. If you don't mind walking a little further (I'm not sure if the weather is supposed to change), Kanella and Konak are at 10th and Spruce and 2nd and Vine respectively. Konak is open now, Kanella opens at 5:30.

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      oooh, i've wanted to try both konak and kanella for a while now!! konak is about halfway between my house and theatre which might call for walking. oh choices, choices!

      bistro 7, i'm going to give another chance to one day because i thought the flavor combinations were very interesting, but probably need a little more time to get over the memory of a bad piece of fish there.

    2. I've not been there yet, but my friends like Cafe Spice on 2nd. There's also Kabul (Afghani) restaurant on Chestnut between Front and 2nd. I think Sassafras just reopened on 2nd. They have great burgers from a variety of animals (buffalo, ostrich, turkey), good beers on tap and I've liked everything I've ever gotten there. It's one of my favorite places to eat on a movie night.

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      1. re: LisaPA

        hm i could go for good beer definitely... never heard of sassafras!

        OK i'm going to do some pondering. i'll let you all know where i end up. thanks!

        and more suggestions are welcome, too, cause i find myself in this situation almost every wednesday night. :)

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          If you're there on the early side (of a future Wednesday), why not see if you can get a seat at the bar at Amada? You could grab a couple small plates.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            i did this a couple months ago, and ended up sharing some plates with a chef who was visiting from out of town! i might end up there again for the same, but also want to do zahav again first as i've only been there once.

            last night i ended up at sassafras since weather was nasty and i didn't want to hit the wine store first, nor was i probably capable of drinking an entire bottle of wine over the course of a quickie dinner (though for a multi-course one, don't put it past me!!). so kanella will have to be for another nicer, loungier night.
            sassafras was fine for some plain food - i don't eat burgers, but i was kinda in the mood for a simple salad which they did deliver on nicely, and tomato soup and some fair wine. nothing to complain about. more interesting was the conversation (which as a frequent solo diner, i LOVE to listen in on! :) ) you know the 'typical old city' crowd? well this was that crowd, aged 15 years. there were two other solo diners also sitting at the bar off to my left, obviously also listening in on this trio's very very very drunk and ridiculous conversation. it was highly entertaining.

            if the weather is nice next week my goal is konak. i walk by there now and then and it always looks (1) cute and (2) lonely.

            1. re: rabidog

              If you go to Konak, do it on a Tuesday, they offer small plates for $2. It's a great way to try lots of stuff.

              1. re: Buckethead

                oooh, good to know, thanks! i'll definitely do that. i remember wishing zahav did something like that: the dishes there were pretty big and i didn't get to try as much as i would have liked. if a chef's willing to go to the trouble of making bite-sized plates, i support that 100%!! :)

                oh, and though i realize shrimp is nothing extremely difficult... i can't praise the peel and eat shrimp at eulogy highly enough. i go there every wednesday night (late) and we get a pound of the shrimp which comes with a heap of garlic, a nice spicy sauce, and a side of cocktail sauce. it's messy, and heavenly. and the service there is great. i just love this little spot.