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Jan 28, 2009 11:43 AM

Incredible, sudden craving for great corned beef hash

Although I am a devoted foodie now, I admit to growing up with Broadcast Corned Beef Hash and loving it. At Fairway, I saw two brands, neither of which was Broadcast. Found out that they went out of business. Quel horreur! Decided that making it at home was the best alternative. Who sells great corned beef in Brooklyn?

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  1. ok, this may not be the proper thread to put this on but I had to post this

    I have been on the hunt for the best CBH for YEARS,,,

    hands down..the vest around

    thomas ham and eggery on old country road across from roosevelt field mall/source mall

    its worth the trip just for the hash, let alone they have great breakfast as i am sure many people know already

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    1. re: chefjellynow

      forgot to mention its in westbury ...just had to mention it

    2. I feel your pain re: Broadcast's demise. If I could find a backwater market that had NOS Broadcast I'd buy a case. Although I suppose that by now shelf life would be an issue.
      Sorry--no help with your actual question.

      1. Last time I was at Juniors on Flatbush at DeKalb (Brooklyn), their CBH was the only decent thing left...their cheesecakes are mamafufu.

        1. I've never had the canned kind, but I used to love the corned beef hash at Dizzy's Diner in Park Slope, on the corner of 9th street and 8th Ave, I think. It's only available weekend mornings and is served with poached eggs. Super delicious.

          1. As apparently the only one who actually read your post.....

   seems to me that for hash you would be fine with supermarket meat dept. corned beef (Friedrich?--a name similar to that----packaged in brine, simmer for a few hours and serve).
            I've used this for sandwiches before and it's not Katz's but it's ok. It should easily be good enough for hash.