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Jan 28, 2009 11:36 AM

Great Soup

Any recommendations on where to get a great bowl of soup? I've always loved Hi-Rise's offerings but who else does great homemade soups. Caveat: not interested in chowder - thats a whole other post. Thanks.

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  1. The soups at Strip-T's in East Watertown are very nice. They are made fresh daily, and they change from day to day.

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      I agree. I have a bowl almost every day. Great chicken, beef and other soups. A selection of at least 3 every day. And they have great pita chips, Price about $5 for a bowl. They often have a great fish soup too, about 8 or 9 bucks.
      You just can't go wrong.

    2. There have been many posts on this if you use the "search" above. Many posters feel that overall the NE Soup Factory (Brookline and Newton) have some of the best take-out soups. Also, I am a big fan of Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (Pho Ga) which can be had in Chinatown or Dorchester at the many Vietnamese Restaurants or at the Super 88 Food Court in Allston. Not "great" but certainly good are the soups at Sudbury Farms/Roche Bros in their hot foods section.

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        Roche Bros? Interesting. I've never tried their prepared foods Also here for some reason i'm intimidated by the Vietnamese places in Dorchester. Which would you recommend to try first?

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          You haven't lived (not really) until you have Pho Ga, it's better than "Jewish Penicillin". For about $6 you can get a big enough bowl to last 2 meals. In Dorchester, I have seen the restaurant Pho So 1 recommended, they have a sister restaurant in Randolph that I have gotten my Pho Ga at that is outstanding!

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            Oh that sounds great. Maybe if this weather lets up i'll head over there tonight. I'll let you know when i do. Thanks for the info

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          my favorite soup New England Soup factory makes is the tomato habanero and cheddar jack. I wish they had it more often. So spicy and cheesy. I always check their website to see when they will have it. The website lists their daily special. Sometimes they will run out of something listed on their site so call if there is something you really want.

          1. re: macadamianut

            It's funny I never think of going to the NE Soup Factory which is silly but i guess I always thought of it as chain type place - didn't they used to have a location on Boylston across from the Pru? Thank you for making me give it a second thought

            1. re: bluestbluesea80

              it's not a chain but owned by a husband and wife who met in Culinary school. They did have a location downtown many years ago but Marjorie the wife and chef told me that the Boston location was more than they could afford so they left. They are building another one on rt 9 across from the wine gallery. They are both really into food and Paul her husband is so nice and always accommodates us.

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                Thanks for clarifying. I hope it;ll be a cold weekend!

        3. Many years ago, when Jody Adams was at the helm of Michela's, she offered aquacotta which was stupendous. I hope she brings it back again!

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            How is this for a coincidence - flipped on WGBH Create last evening and Lidia was making AquaCotta!

          2. I really like the soups at Darwins (Harvard Square and Cambridge St.). They have different selections every day, are made fresh and are usually full of tasty ingredients (I had a really good one with chorizo in it the other day). They usually have at least one vegeterian selection

            They also give you a choice of one of their great breads to go with it, or you can get an iggy's roll. Yum.

            1. The Clover Food Lab truck @ MIT (near the Kendall T stop) was turning out some interesting and often very good vegan soups until they closed up for winter break. Hopefully they'll be back soon with those fries!