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Jan 28, 2009 11:29 AM

Looking for good Fish & Chips (near Lewisville/Grapevine?)

My mother and I are big Fish & Chips fans, we used to get them when I was a kid back in Cincinnati from a place where they wrapped them in the newspaper and the batter was so crisp and jagged and yummy, with thick white flaky fish inside. Most of the time nowadays it seems you get soggy greasy batter or its overly salty or thin dry fish on the inside. I could really use some recommondations. I've tried it at Cotton Patch (I go back here for it cause it's pretty darn good) and BJ's Brewhouse (not big on their potato wedges would prefer fries or crispy potatoes with my fish). BTW I don't eat catfish so don't bother listing those...

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  1. I'd like to find some too. I'm in Grapevine. I was already to suggest Cotton Patch until I saw that you had found it. Like you, I was surprised, but it is pretty darn good.

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      Hey Brad, have you tried Fish City Grill? I went there today about 330pm and they had Fish & Chips on their daily specials list but the waiter said it was sold out... so I got the Fish Tacos (substituted Fried Tilapia for their normal catfish). OMG it was delicious and huge, I took half of it to my mom's afterwards and she scarfed it down with lots of oohs and ahhs LOL She has never heard of a fish taco so was a little skeptical until she took the first bite. She pointed to it with her mouthful and said "new favorite" hehe

    2. FlowerMoundGirl,

      Being a former Flower Mound resident (grew up there, Marcus High School grad) and now living in Austin, I thought I'd help you out.

      It's a drive from FM, but Zeke's Fish and Chips right off Camp Bowie in Forth Worth is excellent - the real deal. I lived in Oxford England for 4 months and let me tell you this is as close as it gets.

      Also, you might want to try Red Lobster. I don't know if it's still on the menu, but my dad and I used to go there and get Samuel Adams Beer Battered Fish and Chips, and they are great. Don't know if they are still on the menu.

      Oh, I pity you living in Flower Mound, the land of Dallas chains. The only thing foodwise I miss about Flower Mound is Salerno's. Three words - Chicken Mogia Salad.

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        Actually the fish and chips at Sea Breeze in W Plano is very much worth the drive. My wife and I just dined there tonight. The best thing of the smoked salmon club. I will have cravings for their smoked salmon for months to come. I had the regular fish sandwich which was ok but a bit on the fishy side (I suspect tilapia). The fish is cooked perfectly every time we have been. People who are from New England all love this place. I would forgo the fish and chips in me it is on the west side of FW along Camp Bowie.

        I did notice that the Rockfish in Shops at Highland Village (across from the new AMC) has them on their menu as we were trying to decide to use our Passbook coupon there or make the trek to Sea Breeze. I am glad I went with the latter.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          "I would forgo the fish and chips in me it is on the west side of FW along Camp Bowie."

          Really, have you ever been there?

          Sea Breeze is a seafood restaurant, and you didn't even get Fish and Chips there. It is on the menu, can you report how good it is?

          Zeke's is a not a chain, it's not Plano, and it's the only authentic fish and chip shop in town. Go there for the real deal, if you want a fru-fru restaurant, go to Plano.

          1. re: LakeLBJ

            Sea Breeze is hardly "foo foo" but rather a neighborhood seafood restaurant and market. He was previously the seafood guy @ central and really knows his fish. I can attest that his fish & chips are good. I have never been Zeke's but I have had fish and chips at Lucelle's on Camp Bowie and I would say it compared with Sea Breeze. If Zeke's is better I will give it a shot next time I am in Cowtown.

            1. re: LakeLBJ

              I will answer your questions you posted first:
              Yes I have been there, to Zekes (it is hidden in a strip center west of I 30 along Camp Bowie). I have also had the pleasure to dine in many fish and chip shops in London (including the Sea Shell of Lisson Grove, my personal favorite, a long standing favorite in the Marylebone, Lisson Grove, Paddington, and Bayswater area).

              You are correct I did get something off topic at Sea Breeze last night. I was reporting on how the house smoked salmon dished turned out for those of us who live in the vicinity of Plano or happen to like Sea Breeze. To answer your second question, I can report on how good the fish and chips are. The fish and chips at Sea Breeze are very good with a very light crispy batter and the chips are thin and seasoned perfectly. I have had the fish and chips at Sea Breeze three times now and I have been twice to Zekes, both are very good and very comparable to shops in the UK. I would still choose Sea Breeze over Zekes for the fact that it is closer to Flower Mound or Lewisville (in my case), the owner can source the fish (I am big on this fact), there is a few cases filled with the fresh catch if you wanted a shot to make your own and there is selection beyond fish and chips. I was merely giving the OP a second option that is closer (as most people in D/FW hate to drive long distances for food). I didn’t mean to sound snarky, but rather stating it is a long distance. If I was in say the Museum District in FW then by all means I am at Zeke’s.

              The taste is subjective and all up to the OP but I would think a 30 min drive compared to an hour or more drive would be a big deciding factor.

              Plano has actually changed a great deal since I have graduated high school from Irving High in 1996. My wife grew up and graduted from Plano and we go all the time to Plano for excellent Thai and authentic regional Chinese (Shanghainese, Sichaun, and the take on Chinese/Hong Kong Style BBQ and Shabu Shabu). Not all of Plano is "fru-fru" restaurants anymore. The demographics have changed slightly and there are really excellent dining choices in Plano, both ethnic and your everyday fare.

              Next time you are in town from Austin you should give Sea Breeze a try.

              I will agree wholeheartedly with you Salerno’s is probably the best choice though in Flower Mound!


              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                i always enjoy your posts LH, in fact I look for them specifically when browsing new threads! And you are right, while I appreciate the advice on FW locations, I can't see myself actually driving there. I have lived in TX (in Flower Mound) for 7 yrs and have never once been to FW or even close, that I know of. I have only been downtown Dallas maybe twice... once to try Twisted Root and they had closed early! You can imagine my frustration!

            2. re: LewisvilleHounder

              I second the Sea Breeze rec. Haven't had the fish and chips, but the lobster roll is out of this world. I haven't heard one negative thing about this place, actually.

            3. re: LakeLBJ

              Thanks for the advice LakeLBJ - If I ever have need to drive to FW I will definitely check Zeke's out, but I can't see myself driving there just to eat unfortunately. However, living in Flower Mound for 7 yrs now, I have only been to Salerno's once and I can't really remember what I had, some tame pasta dish I'm sure. But it wasn't good enough to make me want to go back. I will have to take your advice and try the Chicken Mogia Salad.

            4. I just remembered the name of the old Fish & Chips place where we used to go when I was a kid...Squire Jacks! God that's been bugging me the past few days, don't you hate when your memory fails you LOL Not sure if they were a national chain or if anyone may have tried them but they were the best!

              1. Zeke’s is good! But let it be known, it is a whole in the wall. Order at a busy counter, they deliver. Given their small size, they offer menu selections to accommodate most any diner, but on this day, I was there for the fish and chips - my friend was there for the cats.

                As to the fish, the batter surrounding the Icelandic cod is light and crisp – a bit oily, but not so much that you don’t get an audible crunch when you bite in to it. The fish is light and flaky. The catfish is equally good, fried in a cornmeal dredge. Both fish, deep fried,
                have an outstandingly mild flavor.

                If a member of your party happens not to like bony fish, they also have fried oysters and fried shrimp as well as peel-n-eat boiled shrimp. I saw a plate of the peel-n-eats pass by and that will be on my table next visit. They come in portions of 6 ea and ½ lb. Also, non-fish menu items are spaghetti with meat sauce (the sauce had that dark, rich, cooked-all-day appearance), chicken and country fried steak. They also have a variety of sandwiches including a couple of vegetarian selections.

                All fried “baskets” come in 1 piece (snack), 2 or 4 pieces and are accompanied by the traditional chips and hushpuppies. The fries were nothing remarkable and my heart sank when I saw the now familiar extruded, tubular pups. Based on prior experience, I expected nothing-but-nothing in flavor from the puppies, but amazingly, these actually had a great onion taste and packed a nice afterburner, peppery heat punch.

                The fried okra is the best I’ve ever eaten outside of my own kitchen. It actually tasted like okra in a simple dredge of cornmeal – no batter here. Other fried sides are eggplant, zucchini, corn nuggets and both fried and stuffed mushrooms.

                The only letdown here, which isn’t a deal breaker for me, is the tarter sauce. It had mustard in it. Kind of weird, IMHO, but that’s how they do it. Tabasco was on the table, but missing was the malt vinegar that many would expect. Fortunately, with or without a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of salt, the fish is good enough to stand on its own.

                For those of you in Dallas, it is a bit of a drive (30 - 45 whole minutes), but come discover Ft. Worth. (To be honest, I don’t know FW that well. Thank God for GPS’s) With spring here, make a day of it by enjoying the nearby, minutes away, Botanical Gardens, Trinity Park, the FW Zoo or just north of downtown FW, the Stockyards.


                1. I have found the most authentic chippy in all places Corinth Tx (just north of lewisville). This is no joke. Big Green Double Decker bus serving fish, fish cake, chips, soda, that's it. Brand new operation off of hiway 35 across from McClain's RV. The filet is huge, the chips fresh cut, served in newspaper cone just like the real thing. The owner Dave Wilson, I think, is very friendly and has that batter down pat. I haven't had anything like it except when I lived in Sheffield UK. Stopped me in my tracks good.. Give em a go!