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Jan 28, 2009 11:13 AM

Brunch near the Hard Rock Hotel

My husband and I are headed to a wedding in chicago this weekend. We would like to meet up with some family for brunch. Any recommendations near the Hard Rock Hotel?

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  1. Two of my favorites are both about five blocks away, and another option is only a block from the hotel.

    David Burke's Primehouse is four blocks north and one block west from the Hard Rock Hotel. They feature an "American dim sum" brunch - basically an all-you-can-eat brunch served at your table (not a buffet) in 7-8 courses consisting of 20-30 dishes served in small portions. Not inexpensive at $35 but an excellent value considering the top quality and unlimited seconds. I posted a VERY detailed report the last time I had brunch there, at You can view the American dim sum brunch menu on the restaurant's website at

    The other place I love is Atwood Cafe, in the Hotel Burnham, two blocks west and three blocks south from the Hard Rock Hotel. They feature an a la carte menu of yummy contemporary American food, very upscale service consistent with a luxury hotel setting, and ultracomfy overstuffed seating.

    If you want something closer, South Water Kitchen is only a block from the Hard Rock Hotel, and features American comfort food. I haven't been there for brunch so I can't comment on the food/service/etc.

    I strongly recommend making a reservation in advance, as they can book up. All three of these places accept reservations on (as well as by calling them directly, of course).

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      Thanks - just made a res at Atwood pursuant to your recommendation!