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Jan 28, 2009 10:56 AM

Ikea kitchen Cabinets?

I am about to buy Ikea kitchen cabinets. I want an absolutely plain, flat design in non shiny white. In flat white there seem to be two choices: a painted finish (Applad) which is inexpensive or a foil finish (Solar) which is double the price. An Ikea assistant told me that the painted finish isn't as sturdy and I wonder whether anyone has experience with the painted finish cabinets?
Also I see on a Chowhound thread a mention that the Ikea kitchen cabinet hinges on board are not very strong. I was hoping to line the upper cabinet doors with shelves for spice jars and wonder whether the weight will be too much, has anyone has tried that? or tried hanging a waste bin on a base cabinet door?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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  1. Not sure about the hinges but the drawer runners are the same top quality as used on high end designer kitchens such a Snaidero.

    1. No experience with those but in general foil is much more durable than painted. The foil finish that I'm most familiar with is a thermal process (much like shrink-wrap). It's far more durable and far more expensive than paint.

      1. I've had IKEA cabinets for two years plus and I haven't had any problems with the hinges--they're Blum (as are the drawer boxes/glides), so they're good quality hardware.

        Can't speak to the foil finish, though--I've got one of the wood door styles.

        The boxes, doors, and hinges/glides still look and work like new, though.

        1. FWIW...Consumer Reports gives IKEA a top rating

          We did not find a style we liked....we went with KraftMaid instead

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            I just ordered KraftMaid for our kitchen remodel (which starts next week!!). Are you happy with yours?

            What type did you get (wood? finish?). Any other bells and whistles like the Harmony storage stuff??

            1. re: Philly Ray

              We purchased the full wood built maple chipboard, all plywood. All the drawers have full extension and auto close.

              Did not get any Harmony storage stuff.....just a simple pantry with shelves.

              I was very, very impressed with the construction of the cabinets....very well put together, perfectly square....really a quality product

              After 2 years of use they still look brand new. I thnk you will be pleased

              1. re: Yellowshirt

                That's good to hear. We did full maple also.

                As for Harmony, we did an angled lazy susan, tray dividers for the cabinet above the fridge, and rollout shelves in the pantry and in a large base cabinet for pots and pans.

            2. re: Yellowshirt

              I can't find Consumer Reports cabinet tests on line (even though I am a member) .Do you happen to know when they tested cabinets so I can look up back numbers? Thank you.

              1. re: Fuffy

                I think it was in the Aug 2004 issue.

                1. re: Fuffy

                  I just looked online, the ratings don't seem to be there any longer. Last I looked was about 2 yrs ago

                  They do have ratings for countertops though

                2. re: Yellowshirt

                  I WISH I had used Ikea instead of Kraftmaid. I had to replace every single one of my doors and end panels. I used the Venecia, which has been discontinued. Ikea would have been MUCH better.

                3. I have the foil cabinets, about 6 years ole, don't know if they are from Ideak or not as they were put in just before we moved in. THe problem is that the foild is now shrinking away from from the cabinets near the oven and near the dishwasher ( which has a heated drying cycle). THey are easy to clean but I don't know that they are any better than a good factory finish baked on painted surface

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                    Jack. Thanks very much. Extremely helpful.