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Jan 28, 2009 10:19 AM

Matyson for Valentine's Day?

The only table available at a decent hour is a tall bar stool table by the window. The hostess told me that she in fact 'prefers' this table. Any reason to avoid this seating?

I've never been but have heard/read amazing things about Matyson and am expecting a wonderful meal with the lovely gf! Trying to impress here. We're both foodies.

Particular apps/entrees/desserts to try? Any direction here is much appreciated.

(other recs to consider?)

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  1. I sat at that table for my brithday last year. I was a little worried because it's close to the door, but we had no issues (with cold or people). I think there was a large thick curtain draped at the entrance, but I could be mistaken.

    1. I'd go for it - the food has never failed me. You actually might be better off in the front of the restaurant as the back area can get noisy at the height of dinner service.

      1. Matyson is fantastic. Be sure to try the Coconut Creme Pie and the Truffle Fries are always great. The tables by the door are fine - don't worry about getting cold as the door opens and closes. They keep the cold air contained with a big curtain as you enter.