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Dinner with kids in the Upper West Side/Midtown West

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My aunt and uncle are coming in tonight with their two young children from Colorado, and they would like to go out to dinner before heading to CT for the week. I would like to take them some place that is non-touristy (they lived here before having the kids) but that is also kid-friendly. Both kids are good eaters, not too picky. Any place that serves locally grown food is a plus!

Our price range is no more than $20 a meal, preferably closer to $12-15.

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  1. Is that $12-$!5 (no higher than $20) per person budget supposed to include food, drinks, tax (nearly 9%) and tip (15-20%)? Not exactly easy to find a good fit in your target areas, so that's probably why there's been no response.

    This may be too late, but the only place I can think of that might work is Daisy May's BBQ. The bbq's delicious, prices are inexpensive, and there's cafeteria-style service, so no tip.