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Jan 28, 2009 10:06 AM

Cocktails after dinner with the girls - Vancouver

Hi everyone,

I'm going to Chambar for a lively Saturday evening with the girls . We'd like to go out afterwards, but don't know anywhere to go around the area. Suggestions please? I've been hearing lots of good things about new places in Gastown, but not enough to make a decision. Are we destined to end up in Yaletown.....again???

By the way, we're young, 40-ish we'd like to go somewhere where we don't automatically stand out as the cougars in the crowd!! (no disrespect to all the other cougars out there..!)

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  1. I keep hearing the cocktails at Boneta are outstanding but I haven't yet indulged. And I guess that would be kinda going from one resto to another, if you were thinking more of a club/bar. But I don't think you'd feel cougarish there :-). The only place in Gastown I've been for just a drink late-ish recently was Chill Winston's (know one of the bartenders) and it struck me as a fairly youngish crowd. They do have some interesting cocktail ideas but I'm not sure they are to my taste FWIW.

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      I'm tempted to say - "why not just stay at Chambar?" Their cocktails are amazing.

      However, if a change of scenery is in order after dinner, Boneta's drinks are very good. How about The Greedy Pig, the Revel Room, Six Acres (I've never had cocktails there, though), Cobre (nice cachaca-based coctails), and Guu? And let's not forget beer-centric Alibi (they have cocktails there methinks).