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Jan 28, 2009 09:46 AM

What to do with two Lobster Tails?

Costco has lobster tails and I am planning on getting a pack of two tail, about a half pound each. Any recs on how to cook these rather than just steaming or broiling? Maybe a marinade or a simple recipe in which to use on or both lobster tails? It's just for myself, so don't want to spend too much time on anything too complex. Thanks!

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  1. Poach them in butter. They come out so flavorful and tender. You will never boil or steam one again.

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    1. re: folprivate

      That sounds delicious to me, but I'd hesitate doing it because of the cost of butter; seems you'd have to spend $10 or more on the butter to do this, no?

      1. re: DGresh

        I did two tails (out of the shells) in about a pound of butter in a small saucepan and they were just covered.

        1. re: folprivate

          Agreed. Thanks for clarifying (pun intended)!

          In any case if you have the $$$ to buy lobster tails you certainly should have the $$$ to pay for a pound of butter.

    2. Eat them!

      Or...I've always wanted to try this, I'm sure you could adapt it for just the tails:

      1. I used to get two tails from Costco all the time! Here's how I would prepare them:

        Cut off the belly shell, and make a slit down the center of the meat lengthwise.
        Put each tail in a foil 'boat' to keep it steady.
        Slice garlic and put the slices in the slit.
        Top with lemon slices and thyme, placing some extra lemon around the sides in the boat.

        Barbecue over medium flame until you can see the meat pulling away from the shell on the large end.

        Remove the meat from the tail at the table, dip in garlic butter, while enjoying a nice glass of white wine!

        1. Be aware that these are very likely warm water/Caribbean/spiny lobsters. Not a big deal, but the meat and taste is different. I like to take them and grill or saute them out of the shell. A skewer holds the tail's shape and it works out quite well. Think if it like a huge shrimp. You can use the shells to make a quick stock and then use it to make risotto - now or later.