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Jan 28, 2009 09:42 AM

Middle Eastern food in Milford Ct

I recently stumbled upon a very interesting little restaurant/grocery store in Milford. Olive Tree is on Bridgeport Ave near Milford Hospital. I believe this is Syrian food with all the typical middle eastern dishes. Very informal with counter services and a few tables. Falafel was very good as was the baba ganoush. I had the lamb freekeh which was also very good. Meals are very reasonable at 5-8 dollars. Take out is also available. After watching Bobby Flay's Fafafel throw down SO and I had the craves for some good middle east food. Unfortunately the are only open until 7. I understand they are opening a Hookah bar next store and will be staying open later. Definitely worth a try..


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  1. Ditto - - Heard it has newer owners. Love the chicken Shwarma. I believe there is another post on this board about them.