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Jan 28, 2009 09:20 AM

Any cool restaurants for teens in NYC?

In March I'm turning 14, and I'm planning on having a Girl's Night Out party in NYC with about 13-15 of my friends. We are planning on taking the train there (with my mother of course) and once we get there we would go to a nice restaurant. Due to the recession, I need a cool restaurant that my friends would like that have dinners from around $22-$28 each. And hopefully near Grand Central please? If anything, a subway stop away. Your help would be very much appreciated :D

BTW I considered Butter; but then I looked at the menu and it had extremely expensive crap food (in my opinion). Something like the Butter's Birch Room would be nice.

Please and thank you!

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  1. WOW I love to see a teenager take so much interest! (and with such manners) (Man, at 30 years old I already sound like a doting grandma)

    Anyways, definitely not Butter for two reasons (a) you'll definitely have to spend more than $25 per person. and (b) it's been on Gossip Girl and it would look like you're only there because of that. The food is actually quite good, in my opinion, but haven't been there to eat in like two years.

    If you want to spend about $15 per person, that are still trendy and fun, your best bet is to look into restaurants in the east village or LES. I don't think your age would really matter since based on your idea of Butter, it sounds like you want a place that 20-somethings would hang out at.

    Try looking at the menus for
    Spitzers Corner
    The Redhead
    Degustation (but make reservations because it's small)
    Rhong Tiam
    Blue Owl
    Sunburnt Cow
    Mr. Jones

    Those are some of the restaurants I've been to/ want to try.

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    1. re: secondbecky

      OMG! Butter really was on Gossip Girl, I didn't really make much sense into that until now haha. I'm looking at the menus now, and I really like a lot of these restaurants. Thank you so much!

      1. re: lilmiicahxo

        Oh, so most of these are bars? Kind of?

        1. re: lilmiicahxo

          I would steer clear of Blue Owl, Sunburnt Cow & (to a lesser extent) Spitzer's Corner. All three are mostly about the drinking, and a large group of teens might not be welcomed with open arms.

          I don't think you'd get 15 people into Degustation without a shoehorn, and I believe it's counter seating so your group would be all lined up (rather than facing each other). Prune is way out of your price range. Shiller's is probably your best bet from secondbecky's list.

          Have you considered getting a big table at one of the nicer places in Chinatown, Amazing 66 or Oriental Garden? You'd probably have an easy-ish time staying within your budget. Or Mexican Radio - they have a huge table.

          Sorry I'm ignoring the Grand Central thing - I really don't think it's possible to eat around there for $15/head unless you have pizza.

            1. re: lilmiicahxo

              I'm going to say Terroir might not be good for the same reason as it's a) probably about the size of my shoebox of an apartment, and b) primarily a wine bar.

              On a more positive note, A group of about 15 of my fellow interns and I went to Cafeteria this summer for a fun girl's night out dinner, and that might be fun for you. We're all a little older (between 20 and 22) but I think the girls who planned this were going for a price range and vibe similar to what you want, so it might be worth looking into.

              (and happy early birthday!)

              1. re: whitneybee

                Second Cafeteria. It's more Sex & the City than Gossip Girl, but perhaps the birthday girl prefers the classics.

      2. re: secondbecky

        One more suggestion, not so very far from Grand Central.

        The food isn't so hot, but it's pretty cheap. The space is shiny & hip-looking & loud.

      3. Yeah I know the vibe in those places is more of a bar, but since the OP wanted a place like Butter, I figured that was what she was going for. I don't think Prune is that far out of her price range...

        There are a couple of "decent' restaurants around grand central, but nothing that is really "foodie" and not much that is in your price range.
        Have you looked at Ciba? Or maybe Bank Cafe.

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          1. re: secondbecky

            I just changed my price around to about $22-$28. Would any of you know restaurants that are about one to two subway stops away from Grand Central?

          2. Chinatown is a great idea. Another suggestion that might be more convenient would be something in the Hell's Kitchen area -- West 40s -- a short ride across town on the bus right outside of Grand Central. There are many inexpensive ethnic places (Mexican, Thai, Italian, etc) that would welcome you (with a reservation in advance) and be kind to your budget. I think many of these places would be festive and fun for a group of girls and could probably fix you up with non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks such as sangria and margaritas. No specific suggestions at the moment but perhaps others could chime in.

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            1. re: City Kid

              Oh okay. Thank you! Has anyone heard of Stanton Social or Serendipity 3? How are those restaurants? I've been to the old Serendipity, but not Stanton Social.

              1. re: lilmiicahxo

                Stanton Social is in the Lower East Side, so not close to where you want to be. Plus it's alot like the other restaurant/ bars I suggested, and it's very expensive.

                I actually like Serendipity's food, although most people go for their frozen hot chocolate However it's also quite small and chances are not good to fit such a large party.

                I like City Kid's idea of going to Hell's Kitchen. Try Five Napkin Burger, or if you guys eat sushi, Ocha.

                1. re: secondbecky

                  Stanton Social is more of a bar scene and a large group of teen would not be very welcome.

              2. re: City Kid

                You can take the 7 or the shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square and not have to wait outside for the bus. Though then you have to walk a block or two to 9th for all the good restaurants.

                Some other spots around there to look at:
                Uncle Nick's:
                Yum Yum Bangkok:

                Not the best restaurants in the city, but the food's good, they're in your price range, and they're places I like to go with my friends (I'm 23).

              3. It's not close to Grand Central, but Cowgirl in the West Village comes to mind. It's group and under 21 friendly. And affordable.

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                1. re: wanderluster

                  Thanks so much guys! I'm looking into these restaurants. Any more suggestions? I'm always up for more ideas!

                  1. re: lilmiicahxo

                    I don't have any more suggestions but would like to tell you how well you write and how polite you are. What a joy! Have fun at the dinner.


                    1. re: lilmiicahxo

                      5 napkin is a great idea- you can have sushi or burgers- and great shakes. They will take a reservation for that many. It is a crosstown bus away from Grand Central.

                  2. How about Indian? Nirvana on Lexington and 39 ( quick walk from gcs) is trendy and in your price range!