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Jan 28, 2009 09:17 AM

The Defrosting Game...15 containers to unveil themselves

I hate to throw away food and almost always save a serving (or two) of leftovers from dinner, or some extra of a side or soup, extra meat, etc.

So, now I find myself with a freezer full of containers filled with mystery something or other (I was not that organized to label everything, maybe something I will start doing).

Today, I am going to start defrosting a few at a time and hoping to find something edible, maybe even a delicious, tasty memory of a dish from the past - but this experiment might go awry, with bad surprises instead of good - freezer burn, food that is just too old, etc.

I am assuming others have this same problem - would love to hear defrosting stories of the good and the bad!!

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  1. We just write the contents on the top of the container with a sharpie. Then when the container is washed, scrub the ink off. Works pretty well, except when the person washing the dishes doesn't scrub it off properly. Franticly digging in the freezer before leaving for work, you don't look very carefully at the container and end up with a container of chicken stock instead of spaghetti sauce. While the chicken stock is quite delicious, it doesn't lead to a dinner in 30 minutes quite the way spaghetti sauce does.

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      i write on mine with a dry erase pen,comes off without the scrubbing. i keep on by the containers.

    2. Mom, is that you? JK. I'm too busy (aka lazy) to label everything that I chuck in the freezer. Last summer I had the wonderful [/sarcasm] GE fridge crank everything up to 60 degrees F, so I had to pitch most of what was in the freezer. Found pureed pumpkin (home grown), gravies, meats in various states of freezer burn and lots and lots of popsicles that didn't pass the taste test. Threw it out, replaced it and then lost it when Hurricane Ike knocked the power out for 2 days in September.

      P.S. As of 4 years ago when she replaced her fridge, my mom had food in her freezer when I graduated high school ('81).

      1. I generally do not label the items as it takes too much time. Not really time, I am just too lazy! I send the individual leftovers with my husband for work lunch. Even if they have some ice, uh, freezer burn, on them, he says they taste so much better than a Whole Foods sandwich (and it saves us about $50/ week). Pork with black beans, rice & a tomatillo sauce tend to freeze well. Most soups. I even freeze leftover veggies, potatoes, pot roast, etc, to throw into a soup to be made later. But my friend will refuse to eat "freezer" soup b/c of one that her Aunt made years ago that scarred her for life- it had fish sticks in it.

        1. Sorry, you get no sympathy from me! I keep a sheet of 1" x 3" stick-on labels on the refrigerator door, next to the magnetic notepad & pen holder, and label everything that goes into the freezer, as well as leftovers in the fridge that are in opaque containers. Takes all of 5 seconds. Plus it gives my wife's collection of refrigerator magnets something to do. Always list the date too.

          I can't help it, I inherited my mother's gene for organization.

          1. With me it's usually ingredients. So the last six months of meals have been based on "what will I use up this week?"

            Not as bad as it sounds, honestly. There is still a boneless duck breast in there, some duxelles, dried chestnuts, passionfruit paste, and homemade shrimp stock.