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Jan 28, 2009 09:05 AM

Where to eat around the AON center in the city?

What is a good place to grab some food around the AON center? I am looking for somethign hearty, maybe a good burger or a nice bowl of chili?

Sometimes I go out ot Rockbottoms, Miller's Pub, Red Fish (Have closed down). There doesn't seem to be much around that is close.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Giordano's in the Prudential building for delicious stuffed deep-dish pizza, or Pizano's on Madison for deep-dish pizza in the pan. Heaven on Seven on Wabash for Cajun food. South Water Kitchen on Wabash for comfort food.

    You can walk across the river to Fox & Obel, and either eat in the cafe in the rear of the store, or get soups salads and sandwiches etc to go. In many ways, they have the best food in the area.

    There's lots more stuff close by, but some of it (Atwood Cafe, Park Grill, Aria) is a bit pricey for everyday meals. There are also plenty of inexpensive fast food and carry-out type places in that area.

    For more ideas, there's a recent discussion on lunching in the Loop at

    I don't see how anyone could claim there isn't much around that is close. If you're willing to walk the 4-5 blocks to Miller's Pub, you have dozens, maybe even hundreds, of options within the same radius, in a variety of price levels and food types.

    1. Tavern at the Park is a block away on Randolph St attached to Pru Plaza. Good burgers and hearty food. It's also the same owners as Keefers, a pretty good steak house not too far away.

      1. The Gage on Michigan Avenue right across from the park has very good burgers, sandwiches, and other fare.

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          try Cafe Classico, it's in the Prudential building. They have amazing soups! I used to work in the IL Center. There's also Jaffa Bagels inside the IL Center that serves fresh roasted turkey sandwiches every. I mean, they literally roast a whole bird and carve them to order. You must try it! Alumni Club has decent food. I also really liked Soprafina for their sandwiches.