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Jan 28, 2009 09:04 AM

Wedding venue...HELP!

Hi everyone...I need some help with wedding venue ideas. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY and currently living in NYC. Toronto is one of my favorite cities and my fiancee and I are planning to get married there in either winter or summer 2010 (I know the summer seems far away, but dates are already going fast!). Not being from Tornoto I could use some help finding some additional places to look into. It would be a larger wedding (minimum 220, if there is room slightly over 300). Currently we have a date held at casa loma (hence the 220 number) but I haven't been there in a long time so I will need to see it first. I'd love any reviews on weddings you've been to there. Other ideas we are considering: the Hart House at UT and Capital Events theatre. I would perfer a place that has better than average food (not typical wedding food, but also not anything too "crazy" for the nonfoodies!) and has more of a historical feel. Not a typical banquet hall. And of course 220 is the minimum in size.

Any ideas/imput on the venues I mentioned would be so much appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. Check out . Most mainstream venues in Toronto are listed on this website. You might want to check out Steamwhistle brewery, or one of the venues at the Distillery District.

    1. I haven't hosted an event at Casa Loma but I have at Hart House. The venue is nice, but I think the food is lacking.

      I would suggest that you try the Carlu and the Liberty Grand. Both would be able to hold a group of 300 with a sit down dinner and cocktail reception and their selection of caters is good.

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        Liberty Grand has the same management company as Casa Loma. But I don't know if the in-house cooking facilities are superior.

      2. One cool place that come to mind is: The Great Hall:

        The Berkeley Church:

        Or maybe even the Eglinton Cinema:

        1. Haven't been to a wedding here but there is some historical context - Arcadian Court. Lots of room.

          Arcadian Court
          401 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H, CA

          1. Hi nycbuff...

            The Capitol Event Theatre is a really nice space, but (despite its age) it doesn't have a super-historic feel IMHO. I've only been to drinking events there, so can't comment on the food.

            Have been to the Liberty Grand for a couple of events and it's also a nice space but, to me, it seems to have a wee bit of a banquet hall feel -- perhaps because there are multiple events there at the same time.

            Someone else mentioned the Eglinton Grand. I can't personally comment on it, but you may want to check out this thread, which should probably cause you some concern:


            There are a few options in the Distillery District, which would be a fantastic spot to have it if you want a historic vibe (is is especially great if you have a lot of out of town guests). Archeo's nice, but probably too small for you. The Boiler Room is an option size-wise, but I'm not crazy about the layout for a wedding (we checked it out when we were planning ours). The Fermenting Cellar, however, may be a good bet. You have to bring in your own caterer, so the food would definitely be good (assuming that you choose well!).

            I haven't been to the Carlu, but I've heard it's great (though a bit pricey). You also bring your own caterer there so, as with the Fermenting Cellar, you'd be assured of good food.

            Re; Casa Loma, someone once told me that it's not perperly air conditioned inthe summer, but that was a long time ago, so I have no idea if that's still the case...

            Good luck!