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Jan 28, 2009 08:59 AM


Staying in Polanco DF for one night. I have been around the city some and know Condesa/Roma and Centro. I want to eat great Mexican food in a nice atmosphere within walking distance of the hotel (Presidente near Parque Lincoln) Don't want to eat in the hotel and am not really into "nueva mexicana" judging from a meal at Izote a couple of years back. Also looking for good breakfast and lunch recs in the area. Hotel web site lists La Valentina and La Chimenea as possibilties nearby. Ideas?

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  1. Also note a place called Chiles y Moles near that hotel, anyone have any knowledge of it? Menu looks good on line

    1. we stayed at the intercontinental for one night in november, which i believe is next to the presidente. there's a subway stop right behind the hotels (i think the stop is called Auditorio) and the customary food stalls. we ate at those stalls for an early morning desayuno, and everything we had (flautas de papa, tacos, etc) was great. high-traffic area so there appeared to be lots of turnover.

      1. El TUrix on emilio castelar has fantastic cochinita pibil tacos and panuchos, very close to the park.Some of the best in town super cheap also. La casa portuguesa very good spot for breakfast,and bacalao for lunch; but if you want to try some of the best conchas (mexican sweet bread it sounds wierdl in English) in town go to Bondy I think it's on Newton walking distance from the hotel they run out of the Conchas early. Don't go to la Valentina or La chimenea. if you want the fine dinning experience in Polanco go to Biko on Mazarik it's not Mexican but it's one of thr best places in town avoid Nemi