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Will be in Eagle Rock tonight

and we've narrowed it down to either Oinkster or Blue Hen. I know they're two completely different cuisines but I've never been to either one and cannot decide. I live near a lot of inexpensive and aunthentic Vietnamese restaurants so not sure if Blue Hen is worth trying or not--looked at the menu and the prices are a little higher than what i'm used to. Any opinions out there?

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  1. Oinkster if you're there in time for the Happy Hour prices!

    1. I've been to both, I wasn't blow away at the Blue Hen and since you live by the real thing...

      If I remember correctly the higher prices are due to them trying to stick with locally grown organic produce. I could be dead wrong or partially wrong on this.

      I would choose Oinkster, casual and easy with an ok beer list.

      1. Oinkster is a little less comfy for Dinner but the Pulled pork is very good. Can't recommend their salads though. Blue Hen is a nice space to sit and talk. Their food is very good, free range chicken and sometimes grass fed beef pho. It's more delicate than most Vietamese places but I love it. Keep in mind they do not have liquor but you can bring your own wine.

        1. I haven't been to Blue Hen, but love Oinkster! I recommend the juicy burger, the belgium fries with the garlic aioli and the 1/2 chicken and fries. I don't recommend the pulled pork. It's vinegary, so not to my taste. Hope you enjoy.

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            Another vote for Oinkster, but I don't care for their pulled pork either, nor the pastrami. The burger and fries are really, really good. The fries are the best I've had.

          2. Also if you want the best burger ever go to Columbo's Steak House up the street. It's th Gourmet Burger on the bar Menu.

            1833 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA‎ - (323) 254-9138

            1. My favorite place to eat in Eagle Rock is Brownstone Pizzeria. But i dont' think that's what you are looking for.

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                Love Brownstone as well. Bring wine, order Pizza & chopped salad. Yum

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                    Brownstone is amazing and they have an alcohol license now!!!

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                      They do? We have been waiting I must get down there tonight!

              2. hey, thanks guys. we're going to Oinkster. I'll have to try the other places mentioned another time. Didn't know E.Rock had so much to offer food wise!

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                  Quick run down on some other places:
                  Dave' Sandwich shop- the best tuna sub I have had. Also the meatball is amazing. Make sure you get his pepper spread.

                  The La Estrella Taco Truck in the Vaquero gas station- Excellent lengua and pastor tacos.

                  Taco Spot- Has healthy mexican food. The Grilled Veggi Burrito is so good and you can get it with a whole wheat tortilla.

                  Cafe Beaujolais- excellent french onion soup & frittes

                  Petite Beaujolais- for Breakfast & Lunch Very good Eggs Florentine & Nicoise Salad

                  Senor Fish- Very good fish & scallop tacos. The ceviche is my fav in LA

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                    I would add Classic Thai to the list. It's next door to Cafe Beaujolais. I've never been disappointed with their food or service and the prices are very modest. When the weather is suitable, the patio seating is very pleasant.

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                      Good Addition I love their Garlic Shrimp

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                      Where is Taco Spot? I love Veggie Burritos!! I just had Brownstone for the first time last week for lunch and it was DELISH!

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                        Taco spot is about a block East on Colorado
                        Taco Spot
                        2006 Colorado Blvd
                        Los Angeles, CA 90041
                        (323) 256-7001

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                      Please post a report on your experience, although, I'd urge you to go elsewhere. Visited for the first time earlier this month - I thought the pastrami was the grossest I've tasted (completely fatty and way over seasoned - the Hat would be a far superior option) and the cupcakes were only worth one bite.

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                        I'm not down with the pastrami or pulled pork, either. But the burger and fries are great, the "Oinksterade" is lovely, the house-made condiments are delicious.

                    4. Go to the taco truck parked in front of the Comfort Inn on Colorado Blvd one block west of Eagle Rock Blvd. Order the quesadilla and the all-meat burrito and don't look back at any of the other restaurants. Prepare to be seduced by the best taco truck in the land.

                      1. Well we did go to Oinkster like I said and I have to say that I enjoyed the atmosphere very much. It's got that nostalgic feel to it without trying too hard to be retro, you know? Even though a little on the noisy side, the low booths we sat in were comfy and cozy enough. Okay, now about the food. My friend and I both ordered the veggie burger (I know, boring, right?), but I heard elsewhere that their VB's were to-die-for or something like that. The burger itself is a good size and had all the acoutriments like lettuce/onions/tomatoe/pickles with a side of their version of thousand island dressing. It was a good tasting, fairly large burger but nothing truly special. I'm not sure if their veggie patties are homemade or not but i felt like i probably could have made something just as good at home using Boca burger patties. Again, it was good, just not that great. I also ordered a side of black beans which comes in a smallish cup and which for two dollars did not seem like a good deal. The beans were on the watery and bland side so I wouldn't recommend them.

                        I will definitely return to Oinkster however. I still need to try those wonderful fries and pulled pork that everyone keeps talking about. Oh, and the shakes too. Thanks guys!

                        1. Oinkster is classic. Get a beer with whatever you are ordering. They have a great selection.