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Jan 28, 2009 08:58 AM

Will be in Eagle Rock tonight

and we've narrowed it down to either Oinkster or Blue Hen. I know they're two completely different cuisines but I've never been to either one and cannot decide. I live near a lot of inexpensive and aunthentic Vietnamese restaurants so not sure if Blue Hen is worth trying or not--looked at the menu and the prices are a little higher than what i'm used to. Any opinions out there?

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  1. Oinkster if you're there in time for the Happy Hour prices!

    1. I've been to both, I wasn't blow away at the Blue Hen and since you live by the real thing...

      If I remember correctly the higher prices are due to them trying to stick with locally grown organic produce. I could be dead wrong or partially wrong on this.

      I would choose Oinkster, casual and easy with an ok beer list.

      1. Oinkster is a little less comfy for Dinner but the Pulled pork is very good. Can't recommend their salads though. Blue Hen is a nice space to sit and talk. Their food is very good, free range chicken and sometimes grass fed beef pho. It's more delicate than most Vietamese places but I love it. Keep in mind they do not have liquor but you can bring your own wine.

        1. I haven't been to Blue Hen, but love Oinkster! I recommend the juicy burger, the belgium fries with the garlic aioli and the 1/2 chicken and fries. I don't recommend the pulled pork. It's vinegary, so not to my taste. Hope you enjoy.

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            Another vote for Oinkster, but I don't care for their pulled pork either, nor the pastrami. The burger and fries are really, really good. The fries are the best I've had.

          2. Also if you want the best burger ever go to Columbo's Steak House up the street. It's th Gourmet Burger on the bar Menu.

            1833 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA‎ - (323) 254-9138