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Jan 28, 2009 08:57 AM

Looking for a low key Bridal Party location that is more affordable!

I'm planning my best friends bridal party this year. NOT a bachelorette party where we wear stupid penis shaped accessories and get disgracefully drunk. I was looking into a place called The Melting Pot but the price was too much. I'm looking at between 25-30 people. Could be a restaurant or a lounge doesn't even really need to have food! I might make it all myself since that is my profession.. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thankyou!

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  1. My wife and I had our wedding party the night before our wedding at Caracello on Greenwich St, north of Rector. We had the whole restaurant, and it was reasonable, we thought. Caracello is mostly red sauce, but it will make almost anything Italian you ask for. We had 60 or so people. The location may not be ideal, but it worked for us as our wedding was downtown.

    1. A few year's back I went to a lovely afternoon bridal shower at Barolo. It's not that cheap, but the food is good, the room is airy, and they have a very pretty garden (which won't be much use to you if the party is this weekend).

      1. Try Calle Ocho...Space is incredible.

        1. Orologio is a cute little Italian place- solid food and very affordable. Had my mom's 60th birthday there. They let us bring our own wine and didn't charge a corking fee. Nice menu. It you have 25+ people, you can get the large room in the restaurant. Very cozy, very affordable.
          162 Avenue A (between 10th and 11th)

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            Orologio may be cute, but the food is pretty mediocre.