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Jan 28, 2009 08:45 AM

Babu's (Scarborough location)

Just wondering if anyone can tell me about the food at Babu's. I've seen crazy line-ups there which makes me believe that the food must be great. I don't have much experience with Indian food...I know they're Sri Lankan but I see things like Butter Chicken on the menu. How spicy are they? Any recommendations on their outstanding items? Can I order ahead of time and just go in to pick-up or do I have to stand and wait in line anyways?


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  1. Yes, they are indeed Sri Lankan - I made a terrible error on my earlier post as I was not too familiar with the cuisine. They do have some Indian dishes and they are quite good as well (the butter chicken was very spicy).

    Here is a recent thread:

    Hope that helps. I went back recently, but have not had a chance to post that up yet.

    The line moves very quickly. So even though it's packed, you'll wait maybe 5 minutes. They are incredibly organized.