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Jan 28, 2009 08:39 AM

Restaurant Help for Seattle


A group of three of us (two from Oregon, one from Rhode Island) are visiting Seattle and staying at the Residence Inn on Fairview Avenue North. Is this considered the University District?

We are interested in fresh seafood, Italian and Asian restaurants close by. I've read thru the boards and find several names mentioned more than once, but I have trouble figuring out where they are located.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!


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  1. It would help if you gave us the name of some of the restaurants you are interested in! then we can let you know how far away they are.

    Also - will you have a car? Your hotel is at the north end of downtown, but is near the street car so that'd be a quick, easy way to get into downtown shopping core.

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      Hi and thanks for the reply! One restaurant we are interested in is called Serafina on Eastlake Avenue E. Another is Quinns and the last one we've heard good things about is Matt's. What do you think of our choices? We'll have 2 dinners and 2 lunches to explore. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Again, many thanks!

      1. re: salemjan

        I think you are north of downtown or in the Lake Union area. There will be public transport options to the restaurants. I really like Matt's (downtown at the Market) and Quinn's (gastropub). Serafina is very neighborhood-like. Across the street is Sitka & Spruce, which focus on NW food and I highly recommend. Matt's for lunch, the other two for dinner. Depending on what else you plan to do, you can have great Asian in the the international district (south of downtown). For my out of town guests, I always like to take them to the Ballard Locks and feed them fish and chips at the Locks. Fish and chips at the Pike Place Market or on the waterfront are also fun, if touristy. But with this weather ...

        Another place highly recommended for lunch is Salumi--very Italian, cured meats, crowded at lunch but well worth it.

        1. re: cocktailhour

          From your hotel you could walk to Serafina or Sitka and Spruce (weather and legs permitting). It is about 1/2 mile. Quinns is a cab/public trans. You can take the street car from Lake Union to downtown and then get a bus anywhere you need to go. You could walk to Quinn's from down town if you wanted, maybe 1/2 mile (uphill!). Sitka and Spruce is fantastic!

    2. It is not the University District. It's roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the way to the U District from downtown. It is close to a lot of chain restaurants. You will need a car or public transit to get good food.