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Jan 28, 2009 08:19 AM

[hou] beer shops?

Hey - I know I'm missing something in Houston as far as beer shops go. We are traveling to Houston for the weekend from New Orleans. New Orleans gets practically nothing as far as good domestic micobrews, so we like to stock up in Houston. Usually we hit the Specs, but I'm sure there is something else out there. Suggestions?

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  1. Once you hit Spec's and Central Market you've pretty much exhausted all the beers available in Texas. Even though Texas has a bigger selection than Louisiana, it's by no means a beer mecca.

    1. spec's, specifically the one in midtown on smith st, has hundreds of different beers. i doubt there is a single bottled beer available for purchase in houston that cant be bought at spec's.

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        Yeah, most people know about the midtown location's massive selection, but unfortunately that usually means their beers will sell quicker. The one on Westheimer and Kirkwood rivals the midtown Spec's. There's also a higher probability of having what you want in stock.