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Jan 28, 2009 08:17 AM

Florence on Sunday

Although through the good advice here I have a long list of restaurants I wish to try on my upcoming trip to Florence, all appear to be closed on Sunday, one of the 3 days during my stay. Any suggestions for lunch/dinner that day?

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  1. We ran into the same problem about a year ago and at lunch found a small restaurant which pleased us. It is a few short blocks east of the Bargello and you will pass Acqua al Due. here's my post from that place:

    . Il Pallotino Via della Stinche 1/r (across from small Ukrainian church on corner of Via Vigna Vecchia) Found this little place when others nearby were not open. They offer a “menu degustazione” at only 8.50 Euros and it was quite good: penne in a simple butter and black pepper preparation, followed by a grilled slice of pork with carrots and zucchini. Wife ordered risotto with speck and radicchio and found it a real delight. Rice turned red from being cooked with the radicchio and the speck gave it a nice extra flavor (8 Euros). Unpretentious good restaurant at a budget price. Mostly Italian families eating there.

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      CJT: you said you had Sunday lunch at Il Pallotino. Do you have any idea whether it is open for Sunday dinner?

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        My guess is that they will be open for dinner if they are open for lunch. Generally in Italy, restaurants are supposed to close at least one day per week so it stands to reason that they would be open for both meals on the same day.

        Another restaurant which appears to be open Sunday is Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco, which is on the Oltrarno side of the river. We've never eaten there but have heard good things about it.

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          We were not impressed with Cinghiale Bianco in 2000 but they are indeed open on Sunday and you may have a better experience when you go. I think Camillo's on the same street, which goes way back as a tourist recommendation is also open.

    2. Thanks to CJT and JKalb for input. I have now learned that Trattoria 13 Gobbi is open on Sunday. I have reviewed some older reports here, does anyone have recent experience with 13 Gobbi?

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        I guess a report from 30 years ago does not qualify, but it probably gives you a clue that this is an old line trattoria!!!

        1. re: jen kalb

          There was a posting here in 2007 in which 13 Gobbi was mentioned very favorably. It is just a few doors away from Sostanza. Another place you can try is Paoli on Via Tavolini, a few blocks north of the Piazza Signoria; my belief is that they are closed on Tuesday, so they should be open on Sunday. Italian families frequent the place.

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            Thanks CJT We made reservations for 13 Gobbi.

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              Do you have Teatro del Sale on your list of places to eat in Florence? They are closed Sunday and Monday as far as I can recall. This is a dining experience not to be missed. If you want to read about it, search this board for my post "Florence Report - December 2007"

              1. re: CJT

                Thanks CJT. Yes I had wanted to try TdS but, as you note, it is closed and Tuesday we have reservations at
                La Pentola dell'Oro. Then, we leave ....perhaps next trip

                1. re: mlzeats

                  La Pentola is apparently open on Mondays. Why not consider changing your reservation there from Tuesday to Monday, then go to Teatro del Sale on Tuesday? By the way, they are both in the same general neighborhood.

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              Second on Paoli (I know that mlzeats has made other plans but this query comes up periodically so someone else may benefit). It's good and it's packed with Italian families on Sunday so great people-watching.

              1. re: GretchenS

                As planned, we ate at 13 Gobbi on our Sunday in Florence and, unfortuantely, were not impressed. It was competent (not more so) but we thought overpriced and very touristy. If I was to be in Florence on a Sunday again I would try somewhere else (probably the recommended Paoli). We very much enjoyed our meal at La Pentola. We also had a great meal at Coco Lezone, where we have eaten on each of our trips to Florence over the years. Prices have increased significantly but the food is still great.

                1. re: mlzeats

                  Could you please expand on your dinner at La Pentola - what you ate, drank, etc. Same for Coco Lezone if you would. Sorry 13 Gobbi did not please. I had no personal experience with that place, but there was a decent review of it in 2007. One never knows from day to day or year to year whether a place will be ordinary or extraordinary to all diners.