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Jan 28, 2009 08:10 AM

Beef Brisket in the Oven?

This weekend we'll be working on the kitchen. I'd love to put something in the oven so that we can take a break and have a delicious lunch. I was thinking about beef brisket on great rolls. I've never made it before and I'm wondering if anyone might share a recipe that would work. Thank you so much!

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  1. Daisy, please heed the warning, brisket needs to be cooked, chilled, sliced and re-heated. To serve as sandwiches, make the meat Fri, chill, slice and add some of your favorite BBQ sauce to the juices. This freezes very well.

    Diane’s Brisket Recipe

    Ingredient List
    Brisket, at least 4-5 lb., either 1st cut (not so fatty), point (2nd cut) or whole (both 1st & 2nd)
    At least 3-4 large yellow onions, thinly sliced in half moons, more if you have large brisket
    3-4 ribs of celery sliced and leaves chopped, more if >5 lbs.
    S&P (1 T of ea)
    3-4 T of minced garlic
    12 oz. dark beer (2 if > than 5 lbs.)
    12 oz chile sauce (Bennett’s if you can find it, Heinz if you can’t)
    1 ½ cups beef broth, not from bouillon cube! Buy some canned broth (College Inn)
    ½ cup brown sugar (to taste)
    ¼ cup red wine vinegar (to taste)
    Olive oil

    In large saute pan, brown onions and celery in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil till well browned (15 min or so), stirring often. Reserve vegetables. Optional – thoroughly brown brisket in few more tablespoons olive oil on both sides (at least 10 min per side).

    Preheat oven to 300F. Spray roasting pan with Pam for easier clean up. Layer half onion/celery mixture in bottom. Sprinkle brisket on both sides with mixture of s&p and chopped garlic. Lay FAT SIDE UP on top of onion/celery mixture, add remaining veggies.

    In very large microwavable bowl, combine beer, chile sauce, beef broth, brown sugar, red wine vinegar. Microwave on high for 3-4 min to dissolve sugar, stir and taste. You can adjust with more sugar or vinegar, depending on your taste. Pour over brisket. Roast brisket covered with lid or alum foil at 300F for 3-4 hours (5 lb), 45 min/lb. more for anything over that.

    VERY IMPORTANT – chill brisket and sauce in refrigerator. Before freezing or slicing, defat fatty covering on top of meat. Skim all fat from sauce.

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    1. re: Diane in Bexley

      <please heed the warning, brisket needs to be cooked, chilled, sliced and re-heated.>
      Although this is a common practice it is not an absolute. I have cooked many a brisket in the oven and let it cool before slicing and served the same night. The liquid if it's to be used in the dish can be defatted in a fat separator or skimmed with a ladle and residual fat removed with a paper towel. Since you are talking about making sandwiches you could easily slice or pull the meat. The flat is great for slicing and the point for pulling.

      1. re: Diane in Bexley

        Jfood agrees 1000000% percent in that brisket is cooked day one and served day 2.

        The Serendipity jfood discovered 10 years ago was on Day 1 cook for about 75% of the time. Then slice and return to the braising liquid for the remaining 25%. The finsih the cooking, into the fridge out of the fridge the next day and re-heat.


        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          Brisket has a lot of connective tissue, which during the long slow cooking breaks down into gelatin. True, chilling the meat after cooking will allow the gelatin to set and this will hold together better in the bun or on the plate.

          When making sandwiches, I prefer to allow the brisket to rest for 5- 10 minutes before slicing against the grain, then mash the meat and sauce together in a bowl with a potato masher before putting it on rolls or buns.

        2. This is my mom's recipe. If you don't mind using Lipton Onion Soup mix, it is extremely good and very easy:


          Cover the brisket with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, minced garlic, a few dashes of tabasco, and Lea & Perrins. Dont' be shy with the seasoning. Dust with flour.

          In a large dutch oven (you can also do this in an oven bag) pour in half a bottle of red wine. Add two packets of Lipton Onion Soup mix (or the equivalent). Add two onions, chopped into large pieces.

          Add the meat to the pot, fat side up, and add chicken or beef broth to cover the meat. Let sit overnight in the fridge (optional if short on time but makes it even better). Remove from the fridge an hour before to come to room temp.

          Cook, covered, in the oven at 350 for 4-5 hours, or until tender. Check at the 2 hour mark, then every hour after, to make sure you still have enough liquid. The top can begin to show, to brown, but most of the meat should be covered. Add more wine or broth when needed.

          We serve this with white rice... the pan juices make an amazing gravy for rice.

          1. I ALWAYS braise my brisket in the oven, and it's wonderful. And, under pressure, I'll actually serve it on the same day I cook it. My recipe is similar to Diane's -- lots of onions, beer & chili sauce.

            I know it's said that braises require that the meat is seared first, but (don't tell anyone) I've done this one with and without searing, and it's truly hard to tell the difference.

            Cindy's Brisket

            3 very large cloves of garlic, finely chopped
            1 whole beef brisket (approx. 6-7 pounds), patted dry with paper towel
            ½ tablespoon kosher salt
            Freshly ground black pepper
            2 pounds yellow onions, halved and sliced
            4 medium carrots, sliced into 1-inch thick rounds
            3 large ribs of celery, sliced into 1-inch pieces
            4 bay leaves
            1 bottle Heinz chili sauce
            1 12-oz. bottle good quality beer
            1 cup water

            Preheat oven to 325°

            Rub chopped garlic onto both sides of the brisket. (Don’t remove the layer of fat from the brisket; you’ll do that after the meat is cooked.) Sprinkle with salt and ground pepper.

            Spread onions, carrots and celery in a small roasting pan or Dutch oven that is the right size to hold the meat and other ingredients snugly. Place the meat on top of the vegetables. Put two bay leaves under the meat and two on top of the meat.

            Combine chili sauce, beer and water in a large bowl. Carefully pour mixture over meat.

            If using a roasting pan, cover it snugly with aluminum foil. If using a Dutch oven, cover the meat with a sheet of parchment paper that extends over the sides of the pot. Allow the paper to rest just above the meat. Cover the pot and braise in the oven for 4 hours. Remove pan from oven, remove lid or foil and allow meat to cool for about 20 minutes. Remove the layer of fat from the top of the meat. Slice meat against the grain.

            Using an immersion blender (stick blender), puree some of the vegetables, leaving some in large pieces for texture. If you don’t have an immersion blender, use a regular blender, food processor, or even a potato masher. Put sliced meat back in pan with sauce and reheat before serving.

            This dish is even better when prepared a day ahead. Just refrigerate the sliced meat in the sauce and reheat to serve. The sliced meat and sauce also freeze well.

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            1. re: CindyJ

              I've made CindyJ's brisket recipe a few times and it turned out great. Really delicious and tender. The tin foil helped out trememdously with the cleanup, and I did make it a day ahead as she suggests. CindyJ: I have your recipe saved in my computer under 'CindyJ brisket recipe'! Soooo tasty.

              1. re: mschow

                Thanks, Mschow! I'm delighted that you like it. It's truly one of my crowd-pleasing, never-fail recipes.

            2. Here's one I made last weekend. The recipe is adapted from the Gourmet magazine cookbook (don't mock - while I find the magazine itself pretentious, someone gave me their cookbook - the one with the yellow cover, edited by Ruth Reichl - and every single thing I've made from it has been fantastic!)

              Brisket Carbonnade-style
              1 (3-1/2 to 4 lb) beef brisket
              2 - 3 tbsp olive oil
              Kosher salt
              Freshly ground black pepper
              2 lbs onions, cut in half lengthwise and sliced thin
              1 Turkish bay leaf
              1 bottle (12 oz) beer, any light to medium type
              1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
              1 beef bouillon cube
              1/2 cup dried porcini mushrooms

              Heat oven to 350°
              Dry the brisket with paper towels and sprinkle all over with salt & pepper.
              Heat a heavy Dutch oven large enough to hold the brisket on the stovetop.
              Add oil and brown the brisket well on all sides over medium-high heat.
              Set brisket on a platter, reduce heat to medium and add onions and bay leaf to pot.
              Cook 10 - 12 minutes, stirring frequently, until onions are golden.
              Remove half of onions, set brisket in pot on remaining onions, and replace the rest of the onions on top of the brisket.
              Add beer, balsamic vinegar, bouillon cube (crumbled) and mushrooms, making sure the mushrooms are immersed in the liquid. The liquid, by the way, should come at least halfway up the sides of the brisket - if not, add water until it does.
              Cover pot, transfer to oven, and cook until tender, about 3 - 3-1/2 hours.
              Remove from oven, remove lid, and let cool for 1/2 hour.
              Remove meat to a cutting board.
              Skim fat from pot and remove bay leaf.
              Puree everything left in the pot to make a sauce.
              You can serve it now, sliced against the grain, or, as others have suggested, chill it (in a high-sided dish with the sauce poured over) and reheat the next day and it will be even better.

              Edit: I should mention that the main adaptation I made from the Gourmet recipe is, they called for either a beef or porcini bouillon cube. Since I've never seen porcini bouillon (but now that I know it exists I'll be on the lookout for it!), I used a beef cube plus a small handful of dried porcini that I had on hand. My wife was practically swooning over this dish!

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                These all sound so good! Just a question...will the brisket end up being slices or will it be so tender it will fall apart. (I was kind of hoping for "fall apart". I will heed your advice and cook it on Saturday to eat on Sunday,...we'll be working the whole weekend.

                1. re: DaisyM

                  If you cook it 4 hours or more you'll be able to slice it but you'll need to be careful and use a very sharp knife or the slices will simply fall apart. Best of both worlds!

                  1. re: DaisyM

                    You will have to slice it against the grain. Otherwise it is just long tough strands

                2. Bourbon Braised Brisket

                  4-6 lb. Brisket of beef
                  2 T. extra virgin olive oil
                  1 Carrot, minced
                  1 Celery stalk, minced
                  1 Onion, minced
                  1 cup Jim Beam
                  1 7 oz. Can chilpotle peppers, well drained and pureed
                  1 t. Tomato powder
                  1 /2 t. Smoked paprika
                  1 /4 t. Allspice
                  1 /4 t. Cayenne pepper
                  Kosher salt and pepper to taste

                  In a hot braising pan over medium high heat, sear the brisket for 3 or 4 minutes on each side, remove from the pan and set aside.

                  Reduce heat to medium low add oil, carrot, celery and onion, saute'
                  until onion is translucent. Remove from heat, add bourbon and deglaze the pan.

                  Mix all remaining ingredients together, taste and adjust seasoning as needed.

                  Brush pepper mixture first on the lean side of the brisket, set it in the pan on top of the vegetables, then brush the rest of the brisket with the pepper paste.

                  Cover the pan with heavy duty foil, then the pans lid, fold the foil down the sides and around the handles of the pan.

                  Place brisket in a cold oven, close the door and set the heat to 225° F, cook for 5 hours.

                  Take the pan from the oven to the cooktop, remove brisket to a plate, cover with foil.

                  Pour pan juice through a sieve into a heat proof measuring cup, remove as much of the fat as possible before returning the juice to the pan, cook over medium heat until reduced by half.

                  Slice brisket against the grain and serve with the pan sauce.

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                  1. re: Demented

                    I wish that everyone would come to my house this weekend with some of their brisket. All of these recipes sound amazing.

                    1. re: Demented

                      Sounds really good--I LOVE Ina Garten's recipe...