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Jan 28, 2009 07:48 AM

Good cheap eats in Carroll Gardens

My brother is moving to Carroll Gardens this weekend, and for his benefit I'm hoping CHers can let us know what the good, inexpensive food options are in the area. I'm mostly looking for takeout or delivery options - pizza, middle eastern, sushi, burgers, bagels - as he doesn't cook much and will probably be getting most of his meals that way, but a restaurant or two worth splurging on would be appreciated as well. We hit up Frankie's 457 last week and it was as good as advertised!

Many thanks,


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  1. while not as good as it used to be, Zaytoons was still my delivery of choice for the area.

    1. I had excellent pizza and calzone last night at Lucali. They do not deliver, but you can take out. I was charmed by this place--where I had never been before. The owner, Mark, is a lovely guy and the staff are so welcoming and friendly. I am not sure if you would call it super cheap, but 3 of us were stuffed for $44.

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        Lucali's is good, but it can get mobbed. For cheaper pizza that is still delicious but can be delivered, try Marco Polo to go--wood burning pizza oven, friendly people.

        otherwise, if you search this board, you'll find lots of threads on CG. here are a few of my faves:

        rice balls from joe's superette, smith between 1st and 2nd. try the proscuitto ones, tho they are all good. great take out snacks. sandwiches aren't bad either. a real old neighborhood place.

        zaytoons is okay but not great. has gone downhill since they expanded so much. still, good for a mid eastern fix and v. convenient.

        sats in nice weather check out the lady with the cart on sackett btw smith and hoyt. nice and cheap empanadas--tho a little greasy.

        hancos or nicky's for banh mi--both in cobble hill but they deliver.

        fast and fresh deli for mexican. in cobble hill also, but i think they deliver.

        fragole for decent not-to-expensive italian--they make their own pasta and it's good. risotto is also good, tho it's been more hit-or-miss lately.

        tell your brother welcome to the neighborhood. it's a nice place to live.

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          Agree with missmasala on Marco Polo. They also have decent hot sandwiches, only drawback is they can use a bit more sauce IMO.

          In addition to Caputo’s and Esposito’s I would add Mastellone's for cold sandwiches. All aren’t exactly cheap, however they’re usually pretty big sandwiches, they all use quality meats and ingredients and can maybe feed two.

      2. Eton on Sackett and Henry for dumplings and (in the summer) shave ice. Second Zaytoons- my go-to delivery spot. Esposito's and Caputo's will both make you very tasty sandwiches.