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Jan 28, 2009 07:48 AM

The weather sucks - should I cancel my resy at Double Crown?

and just go home and watch Lost (live instead of on DVR) instead?

On menupages it's gotten mixed reviews, especially for its service. I dunno if its worth trudging out in this weather...

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  1. The food was very good. I had the goan curry which I highly recommend, the pheasant and licorice thingy was also very good. Skip dessert, we wished we had.

    The interiors were very well done... as usual.

    The hostess was the most miserable person imaginable. She was rude and condescending, so much so that I made a comment about her attitude to the GM who was near the bar. There was some conversation... an attempt to make good via free drinks... then the miserable one came over and tried getting all buddy-buddy with us, but we were done with it.

    Our server was excellent.

    I'd recommend going out... but (Full disclosure) I plan staying in tonight to watch lost live.

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    1. re: Spends Rent on Food

      Thanks Spends Rent. I'll probably keep the reservation. Already in the city anyways...

      I'm thinking of going for the venison and the foie gras.

      You've definitely become one of my favorite posters lately, btw...

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        Let us know how you liked (or disliked it).

    2. Hope you made it, I think Double Crown is the perfect crap weather place.

      The curry thing mentioned is probably the singapore laksa which is amazing. I usually eat and drink in the back room-the staff there are amazing and you can order from both menus if you ask nicely.

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      1. re: scanditrash

        the goan curry thing mentioned is probably goan curry.

        1. re: thew

          Indeed, didn't notice that on the menu. I've just been craving the laksa for a while so have it on my mind...

      2. They got rid of the Goan curry dish! oh well.

        So my night... it was AMAZING. First of all, those people on menupages or whatnot who complained about the hostesses - well they were all so sweet, so accomodating, so adorable, etc etc. seriously awesome.
        We chose to sat in the back for more quiet and privacy.
        We started with the foie gras, which was heavenly, and the marrow, which the hubby loved but I thought was decent.
        I had the pork belly and hubby had the twice cooked chicken. both were fabulous. I have to say, I never order chicken at a restaurant, because its usually overcooked, and heck, I can make chicken at home, but this was different - very moist and very flavorful. Really good stuff.
        So to Double Crown chefs and wait staff - CHEERS to you, and I will definitely be coming back (to the back bar) for my bday party :)