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Jan 28, 2009 07:48 AM

Hangawi menu suggestions?

I'm going to Hangawi for my boyfriends birthday, I haven't been there yet but I loved the Candle Cafe & Candle 79. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should order?

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  1. I was there a few months ago and had a very nice meal.
    Silky Tofu in clay pot is a must, Vermicelli delight and the stone bowl rice.
    the teas are great and the wait staff attentive, ambiance is soothing and comfortable

    1. There are two different prix fixe menus; both are excellent. The more expensive one includes steamboat soup, which is brought to the table with a heated element under it so that you can take your time with it. The less expensive one includes a choice of porridges, and the porridges are always one of my favorite parts of a meal there - thick & wonderful. However, you will also be happy if you order a la carte to your taste. They also have good wine and sake options, which is great considering that some vegetarian restaurants seem to think that just because you don't eat meat you also don't consume alcohol! Enjoy it & let us know what you end up ordering!

      1. not to bust up your plans, but I could at least tell what NOT to order, since I had a horrible meal there. the ginseng salad was interesting, but really unsubstantial and unsatisfying (would need an order per person prob), mushroom sizzler on a stone plate was really bad (just your basic cello-brand white mushrooms in brown sauce, so bad), and the emperor's rolls sounds nice (basically little crepes served with maybe 8-10 ingredients, like the typical bibimbap ingredients), but soggy crepes, greasy veg, small mounds of food, not good. vegetarian stone bowl rice was the weakest rendition of dolsot bibimbap I ever had. the ordering options are a bit confusing with the prix fixe, like its actually sharing a number of dishes, so just be sure to clarify.

        unfortunately, the place really disappointed so I hope you make the most of it! and btw, franchia (sister restaurant nearby) is even worse.